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Multichannel Gas Distributor

Multichannel Gas Distributor
Desiccator with Multichannel Gas Distributor Desiccator with Multichannel Gas Distributor Desiccator with Multichannel Gas Distributor
Multichannel Gas Distributor
Multi-Channel Gas Distributor
No. of Channels Flow Range Cat. # Price
(Flowmeters) (SCFH)
1 0.6-5 1865-00 $ 1,466
1 2-20 1866-00 $ 1,466
1 5-50 1867-00 $ 1,466
2 0.6-5 1600-20 $ 1,524
2 2-20 1600-52 $ 1,524
3 0.6-5 1600-19 $ 1,685
3 2-20 1600-51 $ 1,685
4 0.6-5 1600-21 $ 1,833
4 2-20 1600-53 $ 1,833
5 2-20 1714-00 $ 1,851
  • Guards against cabinet damage and explosion that can result from excessive gas inflow
  • Centralizes flow and pressure control for multiple enclosures
  • Allows full access to flowmeters when desiccators are arranged side by side
  • Eliminates needless yards of tubing and piping around the workplace
  • In conjunction with a flow filter, detects contaminated nitrogen supply

Although the Automatic RB® Valve effectively relieves temporary pressure build-ups in a sealed enclosure, it is not designed to compensate for a continuous excessive flow of gas into a desiccator. The Terra Flowmeter solves this problem in low-volume storage operations by precisely regulating the flow of incoming gas, but larger-volume set-ups present other difficulties: desiccator cabinets stacked side-by-side or top-to-bottom may not leave an operator adequate access to monitor or adjust a flowmeter, and multiple desiccators lead to a cumbersome proliferation of flowmeters and a jungle of pipes and tubing!

Terra's Multi-Channel Gas Distributors solve these high-volume problems and guarantee the safety of your components, your desiccators, and your personnel. Each of these compact, economical systems regulates gas flow into as many as five channels (flowmeters) and, in custom applications, can control as many as 20 hermetically sealed enclosures (see example configuration). In such applications, the Gas Distributor can save you at least 50% over the cost of flowmeters while guarding against dangerous overpressure!

Gas pressure (nitrogen or dry air) is adjusted by means of a regulator and displayed on a 0-60 psi gauge conveniently located on the front panel of the unit. Two 0.25" (6 mm) tubing bulkhead fittings are mounted on the back of the unit—one for the incoming, one for the outgoing nylon gas tube. Each channel controls the flow of gas to a desiccator cabinet, glove box, pass-through air lock, or any other enclosure flushed with purge gas.

The Terra Multi-Channel Gas Distributor combines pressure gauges, pressure regulators, and flowmeters all in one compact unit, thus eliminating yards of needless tubing around the workplace and simplifying monitoring procedures.

Note: For safe operation, order one or more Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valves for your sealed enclosure.

Weight: 18 lbs. (8165 g.)

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