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High-Capacity N2 Generator

High-capacity Nitrogen Generator

High Capacity N2 Generator, 120VAC, No. 2701-32


notrogen generator illustration

Nitrogen filter, utilizing hollow-fiber membrane technology

  • Turnkey solution supplies high-volume of 99%+ pure nitrogen for laboratory or industrial applications. See performance data
  • Compressor processes clean, dry air for nitrogen production (order separately)
  • Eliminates limitations of conventional nitrogen sources: gives you control of rate, purity and cost of nitrogen production
  • Large nitrogen holding tank ensures a ready supply at all times - no need to continuously run compressor
  • Modular design allows easy accessibility of all components for required maintenance
  • Ideal for use as a reliable, continuous nitrogen supply for desiccators, glove boxes, incubators or for vacuum chamber backfilling

Terra Universal's High-Capacity N2 Generator includes both a high-volume rotary screw air compressor and Terra nitrogen tanks/membranes for a complete system.

Simply allow the holding tank to fill, and you've got 60 gallons of N2 ready to use. Easily and quickly replenish as needed.

The product is designed to provide a continuous flow of 99%+ pure nitrogen without the expense and inconvenience associated with gas cylinders. To begin the nitrogen separation process, the compressed air passes through coalescing filters to remove residual water, oil and particles.

The air then enters the hydrocarbon scrubber/filter to remove vapors. The separation of nitrogen from other gases is the last step in the process; the filtered air enters the Ngenerator membranes where nitrogen gas is partitioned and stored in a 60-gallon pressurized tank, ready for use.

compressor illustration
N2 Generator System Components:
1. 200-gallon compressed air holding tank
2. 60-gallon nitrogen holding tank
3. Hydrocarbon filter
4. Two (2) nitrogen membranes and one (1) exit filter
5. Coalescing pre-filters
6. High-volume rotary screw compressor
Rotary Screw Air Compressor (order separately)
High-Capacity N2 Generator Compressed Air System
  Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
120 VAC 2701-32 $ 20,455 2701-33 $ 16,234
240 VAC 2701-32-220 $ 20,455    

Nitrogen Purity: 99%+ (depending on inlet pressure)
Power Requirements (compressor): 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase, prewired for 460V operation
Power Requirements (generator): 120VAC / 240VAC
Generator Max. Power: 4kW
Footprint: 60"W x 44"D (generator); 90W" x 72"D (generator and compressor)
Maximum height: 96"
Generator Tank Capacity N2 holding tank: 60 gal.; Compressed air storage: 200 gal.
Compressor* pressure range 217 psig
Compressor* Capacity 157 ACFM
Compressor* Motor Power 50 HP
Compressor* Dimensions 78.375"L x 40.5"W x 67"H
Compressor* Weight

* Compressor No. 2701-33 (order separately)
2,458 lb
High-Capacity Nitrogen Membrane Performance
Test # Inlet Pressure (psi) Pressure Entering N2 Membrane (psi) Pressure in N2 Holding Tank (psi) Outlet Flow Rate (cfm) % N2 Comments
1 120 120 25 13 99 0% RH
2 120 120 35 18 99 0% RH
3 120 120 80 30 99 0% RH
4 120 100 60 18 99 0% RH
5 120 100 50 15 99 0% RH
6 120 90 50 20 99 0% RH
7 120 90 40 13 99 0% RH
High-Capacity Nitrogen (N2) Applications
Nitrogen's inert properties make it a necessity for many industries. It's widely used for drying, purging, cooling, and to create protective barriers between sensitive parts and the damaging environment.

In pharmaceutical or life science laboratories, N2 works within desiccators and glove boxes to protect moisture-sensitive parts and samples. Other industries that rely on the drying properties of N2 are semi-conductor and electronics.

Food packaging lines are a good example of where high volumes of nitrogen are used to protect consumables from spoiling by contact with oxygen. The N2 creates a protective barrier. The same idea can be applied to flammable raw materials: contact with oxygen would be harmful.

Nitrogen is incorporated into heat-treating, welding and laser-cutting processes in the steel and aerospace industries. For chemicals production, pressurized N2 can propel liquids through pipelines and help remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from manufacturing environments.

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas present in the air we breathe. By separating it into a pure gas, many useful applications have been developed. Generating large quantities of N2 as needed is a convenient, cost-effective practice.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator: Doc. # 1800-98
This manual contains installation and operating instructions for Terra's High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator.
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