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Desiccator System Configurator

Save time by using Terra’s interactive configurator. Each click takes you closer to the low-humidity storage system that meets your requirements for parts clearance, relative humidity control, material compatibility and storage capacity.

Please provide as much information as possible about your application. A Terra Design Specialist will call to clarify your requirements and prepare a detailed quotation. If you wish to discuss your application with a Sales Associate prior to submitting a form, please call 714-578-6000.
Select Cabinet Style

Adjustable Shelf Desiccator, Acrylic or
Static-Dissipative PVC
Adjusable shelf storage Chamber clearance up to 10.75"H x 21.5"W (273 mm x 546 mm)

One to ten chambers

Security models available

Wafer Box Storage
Wafer box storage Optimal access & storage density for 200/300mm wafers

Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC

Adjustable Shelf, Desiccator, Stainless Steel
stainless steel desiccator Chamber clearance up to 46"W x 80"H
(1168 mm x 2032 mm)

One to eight chambers

IC Tube Storage
IC Tube Storage desiccator Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC


Carrier Reel Storage
Carrier Reel Storage Desiccator Optimal access and storage density of diameters up to 14" (356 mm)

Acrylic or static-dissipative PVC

Portable Mini-Desiccators
Portable Mini-Desiccators Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC

Economical Parts Transfer

Kitting Trays/Tote Boxes
Kiticcator desiccator
Optimal access & storage density of many box & tray sizes

Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC

Mobile Designs
Mobile design desiccator Chamber clearance up to 14"W x 38"H (356 mm x 965 mm)

Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC with plastic or stainless steel cart

Removable Conductive Tray
Faraccator desiccator
2"(51 mm), 3" (76 mm) and 5" (127 mm)-deep stainless steel trays

Acrylic and static-dissipative PVC cabinets

Security models available

Custom Designs
Custom Design desiccators Submit a Request-for-Quotation for a system built to your specifications!
Faraccator™ configured
for heated sample drying

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Desiccators: Features and Design overview
Terra's nitrogen-purged desiccator cabinets meet dry storage requirements as low as 1% relative humidity. Standardization simplifies component upgrade, retrofit and replacement. Terra's Smart controllers allow setpoint control and even multiplexed purging for the most critical humidity requirements.
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