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304 Stainless Steel270 lbs36"12"SolidSWS1236-16-3 5656-51 $2117-9 Days2
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs36"15"SolidSWS1536-16-3 5656-56 $2167-9 Days3
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs72"12"SolidSWS1272-16-3 5656-54 $3137-9 Days4
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs72"15"SolidSWS1572-16-3 5656-59 $3607-9 Days5
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs48"12"SolidSWS1248-16-3 5656-52 $2327-9 Days6
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs48"15"SolidSWS1548-16-3 5656-57 $2637-9 Days7
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs24"12"SolidSWS1224-16-3 5656-50 $1667-9 Days8
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs24"15"SolidSWS1524-16-3 5656-55 $1817-9 Days9
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs60"12"SolidSWS1260-16-3 5656-53 $2537-9 Days10
304 Stainless Steel270 lbs60"15"SolidSWS1560-16-3 5656-58 $2887-9 Days11
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Product Details

• Modular design is ideal for a variety of storage applications

• Each shelf includes four plastic split sleeves to attach to shelf posts

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Eagle Shelf Ledges
    Sturdy ledge fits on shelf to prevent parts from protruding or falling
  • Eagle Stem Casters
    Polymer and polyurethane casters with optional breaks transform your shelving system into a mobile unit.
  • Aluminum Split Sleeves
    Attach split sleeves to post to ensure that entire shelving system is grounded.
  • Triangular Foot Plate
    Used to bolt shelf unit to floor or to offer additional stability.
  • Eagle Shelving System Glides
    Glides protect floor from abrasion
  • Plastic Split Sleeves for Cleanroom Shelves; Set of 4
    Split-sleeves attach shelf to post

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