Pre-Hung Cleanroom Doors

Features and Benefits

Powder-Coated Aluminum Automatic Door Operator

Powder-Coated Aluminum Automatic door opener is triggered by motion sensor; ideal for aseptic cleanrooms that require hands-free door operation (available with several doors styles; shown on Air Shower entrance).

Electromagnetic Door Interlock Diagram

Electromagnetic door interlock systems reduce cross-contamination by ensuring specific doors never open simultaneously. The central control module connects to electronic maglocks, allowing up to 6 interlocking doorways. Maglocks engage with 600lb of holding force and can be easily disabled in case of an emergency.

Stainless Steel Left Hand Reverse Pre-Hung Door

The dual pane flush-mount design and stainless steel surface of this cleanroom door simplifies cleaning and sterilization.

Easy to Clean Flush-Mount Window

BioSafe windows forego shoddy spot-welding in favor of dual-pane glass installed flush on steel for a continuously smooth surface.

Swing Door with Powder-Coated Aluminum Door Frame

Powder coated aluminum-framed cleanroom lab door, complete with door frame, available with acrylic, static-dissipative PDV or polypropylene transparent panels.

Cleanroom Fire-Rated Doors

UL-listed fire-rated door with wired-glass window, shown with optional mortise locking mechanism and hinges installed. SIngle- and double-door designs available.

Double-Action Spring Door Hinge

Heavy-duty spring loaded hinges allow laboratory doors to swing both directions so you can push both ways for simple hands free operation. The self-closing springs are built into the hinges and are adjustable for faster or slower closing speeds to minimize disruptions in airflow.

Automatic Sliding Cleanroom Door

Automatic sliding doors, available in single- or double-door designs, provide cleanroom-compliant operation for use in research, healthcare and educational labs (bi-parting double door model shown).

Simple Installation Bi-Parting Sliding Door

External mount automatic sliding doors are simple to install and well suited for retrofitting onto existing door openings.


  • Terra Universal BioSafe Doors Video Terra Universal BioSafe® Doors
  • Short video of the automatic door Cleanroom Automatic Door
Terra Universal BioSafe Doors Video
Short video of the automatic door

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