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Terra Universal Products
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Cleanrooms and Pass-Throughs: Hardwall and softwall plastic modular cleanroom designs are configured to meet cleanliness requirements to Class 100/ISO 5

Equipment and Furnishings: Our complete line of cleanroom and gowning room equipment includes storage systems, garbing stations, garments, and supplies you use every day

Desiccators: Nitrogen-purge or vacuum cabinets meet dry storage requirements as low as 1% relative humidity. Controllers monitor set-point so you don’t have to

Gloveboxes: Isolation and containment chambers in plastic and stainless steel; products designed for USP 797, aseptic, anaerobic and vacuum processing

Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods: Vertical and horizontal laminar flow clean benches, exhaust fume hoods, and biological safety cabinets

Laboratory Equipment: Find everything from centrifuges to water systems. Brand-name products at great prices, and free shipping

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