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Terra Hoods: reliable protection
inside and out

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ValuLine™ Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations

  • Particle-free environment for contamination-sensitive work
  • Free-standing, turnkey work station: everything you need to get started
  • Paneling system designed for efficient laminar air flow, keeping contents clean

HEPA-Filtered Ventilation Hood

  • Portable hood solution that turns any benchtop into a work station
  • Perfect for removal of particles or aerosols created from milling or powder analysis
  • Safely exhausts HEPA-filtered air into the room environment

Quintix® Analytical Precision Balance by Sartorius

  • Choose from a pre-programmed application, or create your own
  • Internally adjusts calibration to combat temperature fluctuations
  • Special software not required for simple USB data transfer