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Terra Desiccators: the Ideal Environment for Moisture-Sensitive Samples

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At near-100% nitrogen, the inside of a Terra ValuLine™ Desiccator would not sustain life as we know it. However, it’s an optimal environment for your moisture-sensitive samples and materials.

  • Low-cost system provides a controlled flow of nitrogen
  • Rigid cabinet construction includes rear plenum chamber for uniform gas distribution, and reinforced doors
  • Now available in double-wide 6-, 8- and 10-chamber units

Produce necessary N2 quickly and easily with these nitrogen generators.

  • Several sizes to suit your equipment and throughput
  • Maintain control over rate, purity and cost
  • Air compressor and storage tanks available for complete turnkey system
  • Safety alarms warn of air pressure fall-out or need for filter-replacement

Optimally store cleanroom garments and other supplies in a controlled storage cabinet.

  • HEPA fan/filter units remove contaminants
  • Configure with garment rack and adjustable shelving
  • Available with Static-Dissipative PVC front panels to control electrostatic discharge