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BioZone™ Constant Temperature Chamber

CleanCube Vertical Laminar Flow Hood  
Features Key

A Stainless steel construction resists most chemicals, including disinfectants
B Heating and refrigeration modules maintain stabile temperature from 10 to 31 degrees C, even with shield open
C Tilt-up tempered safety glass access shield allows isolation of work area
D HEPA fan/filter modules continuously wash work area with particle-free air
E Externally mounted fluorescent light available (recommended for polypropylene and stainless steel models)
  Options include digital air speed meter and ionizing equipment
  • Provides a particle-free, heated environment for biocompatibility testing, sensor calibration and other critical operations
  • Segmented access shields afford easy access to large working area
  • Maintains stable temperature (± 0.5°C between 18 - 38°C) even with access shield partly open


BioZone™ 4000

  Laminar Flow Hoods — Temperature Stability Chamber

BioZone 7200
BioZone™ 7200 Equipment Enclosure: Configured to meet unique temperature, humidity and particle requirements. Call to discuss your requirements!
This enclosure maintains extremely stable temperature conditions (21°C, ± 0.5°C) even when the external temperature fluctuates as much as ± 20°C and the access shield is partially open.

Its large working area, up to 120"W x 54"D x 36"H (3048 mm x 1372 mm x 914 mm) is divided into 40" (1016 mm) W zones, each with independent access shield and temperature controls. Air flows vertically through 99.99% efficient HEPA filters to provide a continuous wash of laminar-flow air that creates a cleaner-than-Class 100 work environment. Air passes through perforations in the work surface and passes through a 10,000 BTU air conditioning module and then through zone heaters that bring it up to a constant temperature before it circulates through HEPA filters and re-enters the work area.

The system disassembles for convenient shipping and installation in facilities with restricted access. Front access shield cut-outs can be specified for glove ports.

Laminar Flow Hoods — Temperature Stability Chamber Illusration
Air at Desired Temperature
  Processed Air
  Cooled Air
W'' x D'' x H"
Chamber Size
W" x D" x H"
40" (1016 mm) W
Access Zones
Cat.# Price
40 x 64 x 81
(1016 x 1626 x 2057)
40 x 54 x 36
(1016 x 1372 x 914)
1 1695-23 Call TUI
80 x 64 x 81
(2032 x 1626 x 2057)
80 x 54 x 36
(2032 x 1372 x 914)
2 1695-24 Call TUI
120 x 64 x 81
(3048 x 1626 x 2057)
120 x 54 x 36
(3048 x 1372 x 914)
3 1695-25 Call TUI

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