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eVAC™ Digital Vacuum Controller

smart pass-through
Shown: eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller
(control box only)

The eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller provides highly flexible control over vacuum levels by incorporating an electronically activated bleed valve, which adds the capability to reduce the applied vacuum. When combined with a solenoid vacuum valve to regulate the vacuum pump, the eVAC controller easily implements new vacuum level set-points at the push of a button, allowing users to run multiple tests simulating a wide range of atmospheric conditions.

  • Electronic bleed valve precisely reintroduces air in the vacuum chamber to maintain the set-point
  • Ethernet connection allows for remote monitoring and set-point control from a PC
  • Controller software records sensor data and provides a live graph of vacuum levels
  • Included thermocouple gauge sensor measures a range of 1 milliTorr to 760 Torr with less than 3 seconds response time
  • Controller and sensor are tested to NIST standards before leaving the factory
  • 304 stainless steel control box incorporates all power supply and sensor connections required for each of the components
  • Connection Kits (sold separately) simplify installation by adding a vacuum solenoid valve and all of the required fittings to integrate the controller into your setup
  • Applications: Altitude simulations, vacuum distillations, freeze drying
eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller
Description Cat. # Price
eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller (includes vacuum controller, bleed valve, thermocouple gauge, and software) 5235-45 $ 2,930
Turnkey Connection Kit (includes solenoid vacuum valve and all necessary hosing, clamps, adapters and connection hardware) 5400-24 $ 1,833

PC-Based Vacuum Control with Data Logging

The eVAC can be directly connected to a PC via Ethernet cable or added to an existing network for remote monitoring of vacuum levels (laptop and vacuum chamber not included)

The eVAC Digital Vacuum Controller can be remotely monitored and configured by connecting the controller to a PC, either using a standard RS232/serial connection or through an Ethernet port. Each controller is IP-addressable, allowing multiple controllers to be managed from a single PC. After initial setup, the controller can be manipulated through the easy-to-use Java Applet, which features simple set-point adjustment, high- and low-limits, and data recording settings. For purposes of data collection and analysis, the applet can export all recorded data to .CSV files for later manipulation in Excel. The live graph function allows operators to visualize the data during the actual testing, which helps to quickly discover any possible malfunctions or significant deviations in the data.

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