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Exam Room Equipment & Furnishings

Patient examination rooms in hospitals, clinics or physician offices require equipment and furnishings that accommodate health staff needs. Ease of sterilization, for example, is critical in order to prevent transmission of diseases. While its important to provide for comfort, particularly for pediatric or geriatric patients, the serviceability of an exam room is crucial to an efficient medical facility. Supplies must be organized and accessible. Testing or sample collection areas, such those for blood draws, must be well-equipped and simple to disinfect. Many rooms used to assess or evaluate medical conditions are also those used for medical emergencies. First aid stations should dispense supplies quickly to meet the demands of a busy practice or community health center. In their efforts to diagnose illnesses or injuries, doctors and nurses expect to focus on the patient, knowing that supplies are being properly stocked in sanitary locations, with separate stations designated for waste and laundry. Exam areas give doctors and patients a private forum for consultation, assessment of vitals, treatment, and collection of some samples. The products featured here were selected to help your purchasing efforts in outfitting these rooms: cabinets and shelving neatly organize supplies for fast dispensing; chairs, casework and computer carts provide record-keeping stations; and equipment such as tube rockers and under-counter refrigerators help to properly process samples.
Exam Room Equipment & Furnishings
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