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10.75"2AcrylicSingle Wide15"Without Inlays 2510-00A 41997 $87121-23 Days2
10.75"2Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide15"Without Inlays 2560-00A 42017 $1,42521-23 Days3
10.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide12"With Inlays 1918-00A 41960 $1,20221-23 Days4
10.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide12"Without Inlays 1902-00A 41968 $89921-23 Days5
10.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide13"Without Inlays 2502-00A 41989 $1,01221-23 Days6
10.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide12"With Inlays 2534-00A 41972 $1,73421-23 Days7
10.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide12"Without Inlays 2543-00A 41980 $1,57221-23 Days8
10.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide13"Without Inlays 2552-00A 42009 $1,55421-23 Days9
10.75"4AcrylicDouble Wide25"Without Inlays 2517-25A 42072 $1,59421-23 Days10
10.75"4AcrylicSingle Wide25"Without Inlays 2511-00A 41998 $1,48421-23 Days11
10.75"4Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide25"Without Inlays 2517-57A 42081 $2,67221-23 Days12
10.75"4Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide25"Without Inlays 2561-00A 42018 $2,49821-23 Days13
10.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide22"With Inlays 2517-01A 42025 $2,44121-23 Days14
10.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide22"Without Inlays 2517-09A 42033 $1,64921-23 Days15
10.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide23"Without Inlays 2517-17A 42041 $1,86621-23 Days16
10.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide22"With Inlays 1919-00A 41961 $2,15621-23 Days17
10.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide32"With Inlays 1920-00A 41962 $3,12329-35 Days18
10.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide42"With Inlays 1921-00A 41963 $4,10429-35 Days19
14.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide12"With Inlays 1922-00A 41964 $1,39521-23 Days20
14.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide22"With Inlays 1923-00A 41965 $2,63421-23 Days21
14.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide32"With Inlays 1924-00A 41966 $3,64129-35 Days22
14.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide42"With Inlays 1925-00A 41967 $4,80129-35 Days23
10.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide22"Without Inlays 1903-00A 41969 $1,62121-23 Days24
10.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide32"Without Inlays 1904-00A 41970 $2,30529-35 Days25
10.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide42"Without Inlays 1905-00A 41971 $3,03429-35 Days26
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide22"With Inlays 2535-00A 41973 $3,15721-23 Days27
10.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide32"With Inlays 2536-00A 41974 $4,63129-35 Days28
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide42"With Inlays 2537-00A 41975 $5,86429-35 Days29
14.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide12"With Inlays 2538-00A 41976 $2,11821-23 Days30
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide22"With Inlays 2539-00A 41977 $3,73721-23 Days31
14.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide32"With Inlays 2541-00A 41978 $5,36929-35 Days32
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide42"With Inlays 2542-00A 41979 $7,00629-35 Days33
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide22"Without Inlays 2544-00A 41981 $2,65621-23 Days34
10.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide32"Without Inlays 2545-00A 41982 $3,86829-35 Days35
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide42"Without Inlays 2546-00A 41983 $4,85829-35 Days36
14.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide12"Without Inlays 1906-00A 41985 $1,07421-23 Days37
14.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide22"Without Inlays 1907-00A 41986 $1,88621-23 Days38
14.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide32"Without Inlays 1908-00A 41987 $2,69929-35 Days39
14.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide42"Without Inlays 1909-00A 41988 $3,54929-35 Days40
10.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide23"Without Inlays 2503-00A 41990 $1,79221-23 Days41
10.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide33"Without Inlays 2504-00A 41991 $2,53229-35 Days42
10.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide43"Without Inlays 2505-00A 41992 $3,36029-35 Days43
14.75"3AcrylicSingle Wide13"Without Inlays 2506-00A 41993 $1,18821-23 Days44
14.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide23"Without Inlays 2507-00A 41994 $2,09221-23 Days45
14.75"9AcrylicSingle Wide33"Without Inlays 2508-00A 41995 $2,98429-35 Days46
14.75"12AcrylicSingle Wide43"Without Inlays 2509-00A 41996 $3,94629-35 Days47
10.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide35"Without Inlays 2512-00A 41999 $1,87829-35 Days48
10.75"8AcrylicSingle Wide45"Without Inlays 2513-00A 42000 $2,33329-35 Days49
14.75"2AcrylicSingle Wide15"Without Inlays 2514-00A 42001 $1,00921-23 Days50
14.75"4AcrylicSingle Wide25"Without Inlays 2515-00A 42002 $1,71121-23 Days51
14.75"6AcrylicSingle Wide35"Without Inlays 2516-00A 42003 $1,94829-35 Days52
14.75"8AcrylicSingle Wide45"Without Inlays 2517-00A 42004 $3,20629-35 Days53
14.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide12"Without Inlays 2547-00A 42005 $1,81321-23 Days54
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide22"Without Inlays 2549-00A 42006 $3,14321-23 Days55
14.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide32"Without Inlays 2550-00A 42007 $4,48729-35 Days56
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide42"Without Inlays 2551-00A 42008 $5,83329-35 Days57
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide23"Without Inlays 2553-00A 42010 $2,71521-23 Days58
10.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide33"Without Inlays 2554-00A 42011 $3,97929-35 Days59
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide43"Without Inlays 2555-00A 42012 $5,05329-35 Days60
14.75"3Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide13"Without Inlays 2556-00A 42013 $1,81821-23 Days61
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide23"Without Inlays 2557-00A 42014 $3,26721-23 Days62
14.75"9Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide33"Without Inlays 2558-00A 42015 $4,65429-35 Days63
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide43"Without Inlays 2559-00A 42016 $6,10729-35 Days64
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide35"Without Inlays 2562-00A 42019 $3,36829-35 Days65
10.75"8Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide45"Without Inlays 2563-00A 42020 $4,10729-35 Days66
14.75"2Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide15"Without Inlays 2564-00A 42021 $1,72221-23 Days67
14.75"4Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide25"Without Inlays 2565-00A 42022 $2,91021-23 Days68
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide35"Without Inlays 2566-00A 42023 $3,68129-35 Days69
14.75"8Static-Dissipative PVCSingle Wide45"Without Inlays 2567-00A 42024 $5,41129-35 Days70
10.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide42"With Inlays 2517-02A 42026 $4,10121-23 Days71
14.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide22"With Inlays 2517-05A 42029 $2,61721-23 Days72
14.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide42"With Inlays 2517-06A 42030 $5,03221-23 Days73
10.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide42"Without Inlays 2517-10A 42034 $3,05321-23 Days74
14.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide22"Without Inlays 2517-13A 42037 $1,99121-23 Days75
14.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide42"Without Inlays 2517-14A 42038 $3,57321-23 Days76
10.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide43"Without Inlays 2517-18A 42042 $3,38821-23 Days77
14.75"6AcrylicDouble Wide23"Without Inlays 2517-21A 42045 $2,20821-23 Days78
14.75"12AcrylicDouble Wide43"Without Inlays 2517-22A 42046 $3,97321-23 Days79
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide22"With Inlays 2517-33A 42048 $3,27421-23 Days80
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide42"With Inlays 2517-34A 42049 $5,85521-23 Days81
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide22"With Inlays 2517-37A 42052 $3,82521-23 Days82
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide42"With Inlays 2517-38A 42053 $6,98621-23 Days83
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide22"Without Inlays 2517-41A 42056 $2,76221-23 Days84
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide42"Without Inlays 2517-42A 42057 $4,91221-23 Days85
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide22"Without Inlays 2517-45A 42060 $3,23521-23 Days86
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide42"Without Inlays 2517-46A 42061 $5,82921-23 Days87
10.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide23"Without Inlays 2517-49A 42064 $2,92421-23 Days88
10.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide43"Without Inlays 2517-50A 42065 $5,18821-23 Days89
14.75"6Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide23"Without Inlays 2517-53A 42068 $3,43721-23 Days90
14.75"12Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide43"Without Inlays 2517-54A 42069 $6,26221-23 Days91
10.75"8AcrylicDouble Wide45"Without Inlays 2517-26A 42073 $2,79121-23 Days92
14.75"4AcrylicDouble Wide25"Without Inlays 2517-29A 42076 $1,86221-23 Days93
14.75"8AcrylicDouble Wide45"Without Inlays 2517-30A 42077 $3,22721-23 Days94
10.75"8Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide45"Without Inlays 2517-58A 42082 $4,76521-23 Days95
14.75"4Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide25"Without Inlays 2517-72A 42085 $3,25421-23 Days96
14.75"8Static-Dissipative PVCDouble Wide45"Without Inlays 2517-73A 42086 $5,56621-23 Days97
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Product Details

• Terra's Faraccator™ Storage Systems control static, moisture and contamination, extending the shelf lives of stored materials

• Their Faraday-cage design shields components stored inside pull-out trays from electro-static discharge (ESD)

• Includes stainless steel trays with the following options: 2", 3", or 5" clearance and optional slotted stainless steel inlays for organized storage “waffle” die packs, cutting locating time and increasing space efficiency (order tray dividers separately)

• Faraday-design provides 100% static safety; conforms to DOD HDBK 263 and MIL-SPEC 1686Includes flow meter and Automatic Relief/Bleed (RB) valve for controlled purge of nitrogen or other clean, dry gas; select optional Dual Purge and NitroWatch control systems for automated set-point controlAvailable automatic humidity controls help extend shelf lives indefinitely while reducing gas consumptionStatic-Dissipative PVC protects against static and contamination build-ups

Faraccator™ Static-Safe Desiccators

Standard Features

  • A Stainless Steel-Framed Doors with One-Piece Gasket
    "e"-profile gasket mechanically attached to stainless steel reinforcement frame to prevent outgassing adhesives; one-piece design won’t slough or separate
  • B Grounding Terminals
    Standard on static-dissipative PVC chambers to prevent electro-static discharge (ESD)
  • C Plenum Chamber
    Located in rear of cabinet, plenum ensures uniform flow of nitrogen gas to all chambers; minimizes moisture migration
  • D Automatic RB® Valve
    Prevents overpressure; acts as a check valve (one included per chamber)
  • E Slide-Out Trays
    Optional inlays create bins for 2" die ("waffle") packs
  • G Stainless Steel Hinges
    Non-contaminating hinges contribute to a long service life under heavy use

Optional Features

  • 1 NitroWatch® RH Controller
    NitroWatch® RH Controller
  • 2 Dual Purge™ System
    Dual Purge™ System
  • 3 Door Sensor Switches
    Activate high-flow purge when a door opens to recover RH set point
  • 4 Stand
    Powder-coated or 304 stainless steel; 4” or 12” high; casters available

Note Shown: Flowmeter included for manual regulation of flow rate (choose Dual Purge/NitroWatch systems for automated control); Nitrogen generator provides un uninterrupted supply of nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate reliance on bulky canisters

Specialty Desiccator Cabinets

  • Desiccators: Features and Design overview
  • Leveling your Desiccator
  • Static-Control Desiccator Cabinets Clear Acrylic Static-Control Desiccator w/ Inlays Faraccator
  • plastic_desiccators_faraccator_1_chamber
  • Faraccator Removable Trays Faraccator Removable Stainless Steel Trays

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Faraccators Explained

Faraccator Construction

Even the slightest static discharge can spell disaster for today’s delicate components. Because the dangers of ESD (electrostatic discharge) are amplified in a low humidity environment, Terra strongly urges that you consider these measures as part of your static control program.

Static electricity is an excess or deficiency of electrons on a surface. The total number of deficient or excess electrons determines the charge on that surface. A surface exhibiting an excess of electrons is charged negatively, and an electron-deficient surface is charged positively.

Although static electricity has plagued the semiconductor manufacturing industry ever since the advent of integrated circuitry, its effects pose especially serious problems to today’s miniaturized, sophisticated, and expensive components. These devices can be seriously damaged or destroyed by charges much smaller than a person can typically detect.

How are Electrostatic Charges Generated?

Electrostatic charges are usually generated by friction between and/or separation of two dissimilar materials, at least one of which is a nonconductor or a poor conductor of electricity. The accumulated charge (static) resides on the surface of, rather than within, the charged nonconductive object.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when an accumulated charge (which may be present on an operator, the operator’s clothing, or on any other non-conductive object) is discharged through a conductor (which may be part of a wafer, a chip, or a packaged device), and it may occur whenever the electrostatic potential corresponding to accumulated charge is great enough.

Acrylic or Static-Dissipative PVC Shell

Acrylic, the most common plastic used in storage enclosures, is a prolific static generator. The act of cleaning an acrylic desiccator with a cleanroom wiper is enough to generate surface charges that can discharge onto semiconductor components. One way to avoid potentially disastrous static damage is to select Static-Dissipative PVC.

This material not only dissipates static charges safely, but it also eliminates the particle attraction that static charges create. Surfaces stay clean, inside and out, making this material perfect for use in Class 1 cleanrooms.

Because static-dissipative PVC is transparent and highly durable, it can be used in place of acrylic in nearly any application, desiccators included. It features a surface resistivity of approximately 107 ohms per square, placing it in the “dissipative range”. It is completely noncontaminating—with no measurable outgassing—and it resists a wide range of chemicals.

Note: To protect Static-Dissipative PVC surfaces, desiccators made of this material must include stainless steel shields installed at the bottom of each chamber.

Fabricated of clear acrylic or Static-Dissipative PVC, Faraccator™ Storage Systems provide full 360-degree viewing of stored components. Solvent-welding and contamination-free materials guarantee a clean environment free of outgassing. Faraccator™ cabinets house from one to four compartments of two different widths (see dimensional chart). Because Faraccator™ components are standardized, you can easily replace a damaged door.

Stainless Steel Slide-Out Drawers and Runners

The system's 304 stainless steel trays create a Faraday cage that shields stored materials against electro-static discharge (ESD). They can be easily removed and used as handling trays, eliminating the need to touch—and possibly to contaminate—sensitive microelectronic components.

The trays mount easily into the system's runners to become slide-out drawers. Runners feature an easy-glide suspension system that supports up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg). when fully extended and allows full access to every inch of drawer space. Two-drawer compartments provide 5.25" (133 mm) of clearance and include 5”-deep (127mm) trays suitable for 4" (102 mm) waffle packs; three-drawer compartments provide 3.1875" (81 mm) of clearance and are available with 2”-deep or 3”-deep trays, suitable for 2" (51 mm) waffle packs.

Stainless steel inlays, included in Faraccators with 2”-deep trays, are slotted every .375” (10 mm) to permit easy insertion of stainless steel dividers (order separately). Inlay packages allow front-to-back storage of up to 192 2-inch waffle packs (with retaining dividers) in small trays, and up to 240 2-inch waffle packs in large trays.

For enhanced static-control, select a Faraccator made of static-dissipative PVC, which dissipates surface charges that can attract and hold particles.

Although the Faraccator configuration does not form the closed box that Faraday described, both shield and tray are at the same potential and no electric field can exist within the volume they enclose. This effect can be demonstrated simply by directing an electrical discharge at the opening between the shield and the tray. The discharge never enters the cavity, and any stored materials inside remain completely shielded from the effects of the discharge.

Automatic Relief/Bleed Valve

Terra's Automatic Relief/Bleed (RB) Valve opens up at 0.01 PSI, relieving overpressure that could damage desiccators; also works as a check valve to prevent influx of room air.

Static-Dissipative PVC Plating

Terra's SDPVC features bonded dissipative layers that resist abrasion. SDPVC desiccators retain their surface resistivity of 106 - 108 ohms/square indefinitely (unlike spray-on coatings that can wear off after a few years), protecting your materials against ESD damage. Further, the control of static charges eliminates particle attractions, helping maintain clean surfaces.

Replacement Stainless Steel Trays

Removable stainless steel trays, included with the Faraccator, can be outfitted with stainless steel inlays and dividers (shown here) for space-efficient storage of die (“waffle”) packs.

High Caliber Hardware

Don’t be concerned about the quality, durability, and craftsmanship of your latches, ports, glides and hinges. Terra’s products are made of long lasting, cleanroom compatible, top tier hardware.

Reinforced Doors with Non-adhesive Gaskets

Stainless steel door frames extend desiccator life; one-piece fused gaskets are non-outgassing, will not creep or sag

Desiccator Plenum Chamber For Uniform Gas Distribution

Multi-chamber desiccator cabinets include a perforated plenum to minimize back fill, ensure uniform gas distribution to all chambers and increase cabinet strength

Faraday Cage Design Shields against Eletro-Static Discharge (ESD)

Faraccator™ ESD safe desiccator cabinets include ground slide-out trays to create a Faraday cage, shielding sensitive microelectronics in storage from electro-static discharge (ESD).

Built-in Plenum Distributes Dry Gas to Each Chamber

Manual flowmeter or automated system controls nitrogen flow rates to maintain RH across entire cabinet. Built-in plenum distributes dry gas to each chamber.

Doors - The First Failure Point of a Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s stainless steel door frames eliminate the need for internal reinforcements, which create particle surfaces and compromise cleaning. Unlike other doors with glue-on anti-bow pieces, Terra’s doors use no adhesives. This eliminates particle traps, sources of outgassing—and extends the strength and service life of the desiccator.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
    Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch relative humidity controllers maintain a low-RH set-point inside a desiccator or glove box; they provide variable purge control that ensures continuous positive pressure and eliminates nitrogen waste.
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
    Simply plug the USB-502 logger into any USB port on your PC to name the logger, set your start time and date, sample rate, units (ºC or ºF), and hi/lo alarms—then place in controlled atmospher chamber to start logging data.
  • Stainless Steel Divider for Faraccator Storage System, 4.5W
    Stainless steel Faraccator Tray Dividers with labeling edges allow secure, organized storage of die packs and other small parts.
  • Stainless Steel Inlays
    Stainless steel inlays (included) with slots every .375” (10mm) to permit easy insertion of dividers, creating storage bins for standard die (“waffle”) packs.
  • Nitrogen Generator
    Terra’s Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous, reliable supply of clean, dry nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters to operate desiccators and glove boxes.
  • Desiccator Cabinet Ionizing Module
    Ionizing modules are available for desiccator cabinets, glove boxes and other enclosures to ensure static-safe storage and processing (shown: ionizing unit on 2-chamber desiccator)

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