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  1. Wall-Mount Garment Racks by InterMetro
    Wall-Mount Garment Racks by InterMetro (2650-PP-07)
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    Available Design: Wall Mount Single Rack
    Available Hangers: Closed Loop
    Available Material: EP 304 SS
    Available Configuration: Sliding Position
    Available Capacity: 11 Hangers, 15 Hangers, 19 Hangers, 23 Hangers
    Available Width: 36", 48", 60", 72"
    Available Manufacturer SKU: GRW2436S, GRW2448S, GRW2460S, GRW2472S
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1 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Type B Cabinet Shelving Guide

Illustration of shelving guidelines and options when configuring a Type B Garment Cabinet to your specifications

Keep Cleanroom Garments and Supplies Clean!

Specialized cleanroom cabinets with HEPA filtration prevent contamination of critical garments, apparel and supplies; versatile configurations for shelves, hanging rod or both.

Adjustable Shelves for Cleanroom Supplies

Several cabinet styles available for garment hanging rods, adjustable shelves, or both; stainless steel cabinet shown includes shelves and reinforced doors.

Garment Storage Configuration

Garment storage cabinet configured for garment hanging; includes HEPA filtration module that showers storage area with micro-filtered air to dislodge and remove particles.

Mirror Allows a Convenient Self-Check

Garment storage cabinets are available with a cleanroom mirror flush-mounted to the garment storage compartment.
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