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    Garment Cabinets; Adjustable Shelves without Divider
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    4 Voltage2 Design2 Material2 Blower/Filter4 Width4 Height3 Doors

    Voltage: None, 120 V, 240 V, 12 V
    Design: Free Standing Cabinet, Free Standing
    Material: 304 SS, PCS
    Blower/Filter: No HEPA Blower, HEPA Blower
    Width: 30", 36", 40", 52"
    Height: 84", 94", 79", 82"
    Doors: Reinforced, Not Reinforced, Reinforced + Mirror
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24 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Type B Cabinet Shelving Guide

Illustration of shelving guidelines and options when configuring a Type B Garment Cabinet to your specifications

Keep Cleanroom Garments and Supplies Clean!

Specialized cleanroom cabinets with HEPA filtration prevent contamination of critical garments, apparel and supplies; versatile configurations for shelves, hanging rod or both.

Adjustable Shelves for Cleanroom Supplies

Several cabinet styles available for garment hanging rods, adjustable shelves, or both; stainless steel cabinet shown includes shelves and reinforced doors.

Garment Storage Configuration

Garment storage cabinet configured for garment hanging; includes HEPA filtration module that showers storage area with micro-filtered air to dislodge and remove particles.

Mirror Allows a Convenient Self-Check

Garment storage cabinets are available with a cleanroom mirror flush-mounted to the garment storage compartment.

Durable Powder Coating Finish

Terra’s durable powder coating formulation exceeds the ASTM and ISO paint standards for hardness, thickness, humidity resistance, gloss and impact testing.

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