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USP 797 BioSafe®
Compounding Aseptic Isolators

Compounding Glovebox
USP-compliant Compounding Aseptic Isolator, Model No. 2900-56B
Features Key

A HEPA filtration module provides vertical laminar airflow
B Main processing chamber includes IV rod and 10" (254 mm)-diameter glove ports (shown with optional hypalon gloves)
C Antechamber with separate 1/2"-thick glass access door
D Differential pressure gauges display internal positive pressure
E Status Indicator
F Powder-coated steel stand with leveling feet
  Options include waste chutes and ionizing bar
  UV Module allows fast, effective sanitizing

cleanliness high

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USP 797 Compounding

Meets Current USP 797 Requirements for Compounding Aseptic Isolators (CAIs)

Terra Universal's Compounding Aseptic Isolator uses a HEPA-purged, pass-through design to provide an economical solution for compounding pharmacies to meet the performance criteria for isolators outlined in USP 797.

    ValuLine Compounding Aseptic Isolator Polypropylene construction provides a USP 797-compliant isolator at a lower cost!
  • The ISO 5 positive pressure antechamber isolates the main chamber from the outside environment and features a sliding glass door for easy transfer of compounding materials
  • Low-noise, low-vibration fan/filter unit provides continuous vertical flow of 99.99% particle-free air to meet ISO 5 cleanliness standards
  • Hypalon sleeves and 3-groove glove connectors (sold separately) allow operators to easily replace the sterile gloves without opening the isolator and risking contamination
  • The large polycarbonate viewing window tilts open to simplify daily deep cleanings or for adding large process equipment
  • Magnehelic® gauges monitor internal positive pressure inside the antechamber and main compounding chamber
  • Includes externally mounted fluorescent illuminator
  • IV rod securely holds hanging IV bags in easy reach
  • Waste port available for disposing of materials through glovebox floor or side

For compounding hazardous drugs, check out the Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator

Planning on Using an Isolator Instead of a Compounding Cleanroom?

Please read the following blog post published by Terra, which explains the potential impact of the upcoming revision to USP 797 and answers a few of the most common questions regarding isolator requirements:  Read More...

Due to the differences in state-level enforcement of USP 797, please check with your State Board of Pharmacy before installing an isolator outside of an ISO 7 cleanroom.

Compounding Aseptic Isolators
Material 22" Chamber Depth
120VAC 220VAC
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
304 Stainless Steel 2900-56B $ 11,280 2900-56B-220 $ 10,805
316L Stainless Steel 2900-57B $ 12,992 2900-57B-220 $ 12,992
Polypropylene 2900-58B $ 9,235 2900-58B-220 $ 8,746
Note: Sleeves, glove connectors, and sterile gloves must be ordered separately.
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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Compounding Aseptic Isolators
Alt Text
Tilt-Up Access Door
Simplifies daily cleanings and transfer of bulky equipment
Beveled Exit Slots
HEPA-Purged Antechamber
Easy transfer of kitting trays without contaminating the ISO 5 zone
New hinge design
IV Rod
Suspends IV bags at a convenient working height
Alt Text
Sliding Access Door
Tempered glass door slides open to transfer materials into the main chamber

Heavy-Duty Hinges with Removable Doors
Tilt-up door can be easily removed and reinstalled for more thorough cleaning
New hinge design
Certification Test Ports
Pressure level ports simplify testing during semiannual certification
Glovebox Specifications
Overall dimensions: 48.25"W x 28.54"D x 53.72"H (1226 x 725 x 1364 mm), nominal, including fan/filter unit; 46.25"W x 22.25"D x 38.74"H (1175 x 565 x 984 mm), chamber exterior, excluding FFU
Antechamber: 12.5"W (318 mm)
Processing Chamber: 32.5"W x 22.25"D x 38.74"H (826 mm x 565 x 984 mm), with pneumatic tilt-up door, 27.13"W x 31.43"H (689 mm x 798 mm) opening
Housing: 304 or 316L stainless steel, or polypropylene
Viewing Windows: Polycarbonate, 0.25" (6 mm) thick, with swing access door
Glove Ports: 10" (254 mm) diameter (order desired gloves separately)
IV Rod: 0.25" (6 mm) stainless steel rod mounted 9" (228 mm), from the filter face
Pressure Gauge: 0 - 0.25" Magnehelic® gauges monitor internal positive pressure
Lighting: External-mount fluorescent fixture
Filter/Fan Unit Specifications
Filter/Fan Unit: 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1219 mm), low-vibration impeller blower module with direct-drive, continuous-duty three-speed fan and 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3 µm particle size); operates at less than 50dBA
Full-load Amps: 4.3 (for 120V, 60Hz)
Average CFM: 644 (1094.2 m³/hr)
Air Speed: 100 (low speed); 120 (medium speed); 140 (high speed)
Watts: 160 @ 90FPM (0.04 m/s)
Prefilter/Exit filter: Fiberglass/Polyester
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Positive Pressure Isolation vs. Biohazard Containment Terra glove boxes are designed as positive-pressure isolation chambers that operate with a continuous inflow of process gas and include bleed valves to relieve overpressures. Unless specified, they are not designed as low-leak or air-tight containment chambers, nor should they be used with hazardous substances that require air-tight seals. In containment applications, a glove box should typically be operated under continuous negative pressure, via a ventilated duct, so that any small leaks do not contaminate the operator or the environment.

Replacement Parts and Optional Equipment

bag-out waste chute
Replacement Exit Filters
MERV 7 polyester, 1" thick, removable from
inside the chamber (no rear access required)
Waste Port 6" (152mm)
For easy disposal of sharps or other waste
(Choice of side- or floor-mounted). Includes waste port cover. Port is flush on interior chamber; flange extends 3" outside chamber for connection of sharps bag.
Replacement Filters Cat.# Price
Main chamber filter 2900-65 $ 82
Antechamber filter 2900-66 $ 70
Waste Port 6" (152 mm) dia. Cat.# Price
Glovebox floor mounting * 2900-48 $ 399
Glovebox sidewall mounting
(Protrudes 3" (76 mm) from sidewall)
2900-49 $ 399
Bags, 12-mil PVC; package of 10 1694-44 $ 125
*Standard mounting: 18" (457 mm) from front 7"
(178 mm) from side.
Requires stand or table with 7" (178 mm)-dia. cut-out.

CAI Sleeves and Glove Connectors
Hypalon Sleeve and Glove Connectors
Sleeve/connector assemblies provide physical separation from CSPs and protect the isolator during sterile glove replacement.
Gloveport Assemblies Cat.# Price
Hypalon Sleeve 1671-18 $ 300
Glove Connector 1671-20 $ 47
14" Hypalon Glove
Unlined Textured grip
Cat.# Price
Glove size 8 1671-05 $ 99
Glove size 9 1671-06 $ 99
Glove size 10 1671-07 $ 96
One-piece Fully-Dipped
Hypalon Hand & Sleeve
Cat.# Price
Ambidextrous, size 8 1671-21 $ 344
Ambidextrous, size 9 1671-17 $ 344
Ambidextrous, size 10 1671-22 $ 344
cord grip
Cord Pass-Through
Mounted in lower rear corner (as shown).
Specify other desired location.
Optional Ports Cat.# Price
Power Cord Pass-through 2900-70 $ 229

Glove Box Stand
Constructed of all-welded 2" (51 mm) square tubing. All stands raise chambers 30" (762 mm) off of floor, add 3"
(76 mm) for casters.
Stands Cat.# Price
Powder-coated Steel Stand 1694-82A $ 699

Casters  Cat.# Price
Set of 4, 2 with locking brakes 1700-43 $ 710
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File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Use Nitrogen?
A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.
Manual (PDF) Compounding Aseptic Isolator: Doc. No. 1800-35
Operating and maintenance instructions for Terra's USP Compounding Aseptic Isolator Glove Box. See our section for preparing the CAI for testing performance and passing inspection.
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