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AirCenter™ Compressors for Nitrogen Generation
from Kaeser Compressors

sigma profile
rotary screw
Rotary Screw component
of air compressor (enlarged view)
  • Single-stage, fluid-injected rotary screw compressor
  • Refrigerated air dryer removes moisture to ensure a longer nitrogen membrane life
  • Energy-efficient with low noise and vibration
  • Sigma Control interface monitors air compressor functions and controls
  • Clean Air Treatment package features filtration to remove 99.99% of residual oil, liquids and particles (dirt and rust)
  • Internal powder-coated air-receiver tank with safety relief valve, pressure gauge, and manual drain valve
  • Maintenance is easy with removable panels to access service areas, and clear viewing windows to monitor gauges and fluid levels

All components in these AirCenter systems work together as single turnkey units to provide high-quality compressed air for nitrogen generator membranes and other industrial applications.

These systems are equipped with a rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer, air receiver tank, and control interface for simple operation. Additionally, there is an electronic demand drain that automatically removes liquid from the tank without wasting valuable compressed air.

The Sigma Profile rotary screw airend compresses air efficiently by delivering more cubic feet per minute (cfm) per kilowatt (kW) than other airend designs. The unique design is comprised of a set of asymmetrical, interlocking screws that trap air and push it forward. The compressor makes automatic belt tensioning adjustments to keep the motor operating at peak performance. High efficiency motors and the lower internal pressure drop results in significant energy savings year after year.

AirCenters are easy to maintain as all components are readily accessible by simply removing panels, and the Sigma Control displays maintenance reminders. Gauges and fluid levels can be monitored and verified via clear “inspection” windows.

The Sigma Control Basic interface is designed to give users a way to monitor primary compressor functions and display basic operational data. It provides convenient pressure control and system monitoring that displays discharge pressure, temperature, load and service hours, and fault indicators.

sisma control
Sigma Control Basic features and functions:
  • Easy-to-understand icons and large display area
  • Fully automatic dual control (full load/ idle/ on/off control)
  • Monitoring of air system pressure parameters, airend temperature, and rotor rotation
  • Counter for service, load and operation hours
  • Adjustable service intervals, pressure and temperature unit selection (bar/ psi/ MPa, °C/°F)
  • Adjustable nominal system pressure and adjustable switching differential
  • Group alarm volts-free contact
  • Electronic pressure transducer
These compressors are perfectly suited to supply Terra's nitrogen generators with 95% to 99% purity level compressed air. The SX 7.5 AirCenter is well-matched for the 2700-11B nitrogen generator and the SK 20 AirCenter complements the 2700-09B generator. We recommend ordering these compressors for optimal performance from our nitrogen generators.

Clean Air Treatment package is built-in for consistent, high-quality air. This package gives you a coalescing air filter that removes 99.99% aerosols, liquids and residual oil. The filter is also capable of keeping particulates like dirt, scale and rust out of the compressed air. These contaminants are effectively removed by way of a second electronic demand drain.

Ordering Information:
Kaeser AirCenter Compressors
Model Operating Pressure Compressor Horsepower Capacity (cfm)2 Cat. # Price
SX 7.5 AirCenter Simplex 160 psig 7.5 24 6800-30 $ 12,524
SK 20 AirCenter Simplex 20 77 6800-31 $ 19,503
  SX 7.5 SK 20
Electrical Requirement 208-230/460V / 3 phase / 60Hz 208-230/460V / 3 phase / 60Hz
Max. Operating Pressure 160 psig 160 psig
Capacity 23.7 cfm 77 cfm
Drive Motor 7.5 hp 20 hp
Drive Motor Efficiency 88.5% 91%
Standard Controller Sigma Control Basic Sigma Control Basic
Cooling Method Air-cooled Air-cooled
Air Receiver Size 52.8 gallons 92.5 gallons
Noise level 66 dB(A) 68 dB(A)

Kaeser KCF 25 Filtration System
KCF 25 filtration system for proper waste disposal
Accessories Cat. # Price
CA-code piping compatible with AirCenter compressors 6800-32 $ 314
KCF 25 oil/H2O separator with mounting kit 6800-33 $ 475
SX 7.5 AirCenter Annual Maintenance Kit 6800-34 $ 373
SK 20 AirCenter Annual Maintenance Kit 6800-35 $ 761
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