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BioSafe® Aseptic Processing Isolators

BioSafe Glovebox Isolator
Shown with optional airlocks and filtration module
Features Key
  Standard   Option

A Tempered safety glass viewing window, with two or four 10”-diameter glove ports
C Open-loop ULPA filtration system removes submicron powders and aerosols
E Powder-coated steel stand with leveling feet
  UV Module allows fast, effective sterilization in hard-to-reach glove box interiors

B Many gloves available, including one-piece hypalon (shown)
D Right-side and left-side air locks allow transfer of large items
  Options include nitrogen purge controller, automated RH, dew point and oxygen level controls, ionizing module, and port caps

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cleanliness high
BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating
Terra's BioSafe products meet design and material standards that go far beyond conventional cleanroom requirements.

Developed specifically for aseptic requirements in bio-pharmaceutical cleanrooms, these items incorporate a range of features that minimize particle generation and accumulation and inhibit microbial growth. Learn more . . .
BioSafe Glovebox Isolators
Number of Glove Ports Material Voltage Cat. # Price
2 Glove Ports 304 Stainless Steel 120V 9670-29D $ 12,599
240V 9670-29D-220 $ 12,599
316L Stainless Steel 120V 9670-61C $ 16,700
240V 9670-61C-220 $ 16,700
4 Glove Ports 304 Stainless Steel 120V 9670-32D $ 14,672
240V 9670-32D-220 $ 14,672
316L Stainless Steel 120V 9670-64C $ 19,954
240V 9670-64C-220 $ 19,954
  304 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Right-Side Airlock 9670-74 $ 3,890 9670-76 $ 4,810
Left-Side Airlock 9670-75 $ 3,890 9670-77 $ 4,810
Slope Bottom, 2 Glove Ports 9670-70 $ 900 9670-72 $ 1,080
Slope Bottom, 4 Glove Ports 9670-71 $ 1,800 9670-73 $ 2,160
sloping bottom and drain BioSafe<sup>®</sup> glove box isolator
Can be customized with sloped bottom and drain valve for disinfectant wash-down

Radius corner BioSafe<sup>®</sup> glove box isolator

  • Smooth, ultra-clean surfaces eliminate germ traps, simplify cleaning and disinfection
  • Continuous-seam interiors create a smoothly sealed chamber
  • Tempered glass or polycarbonate viewing windows allow full view of chamber
  • Includes fluorescent illuminator (UV sterilization bulbs available)
  • Optional access panel available for equipment transfer
  • Custom configurations available—call to discuss your requirements!

Each chamber includes a pair of 10"-diameter glove ports (twin models include two pairs). Order gloves separately.

Recommended pump and accessories.

Now with all-304/316L 
stainless steel latches

to elminate scratching, corrosion and contamination common with plated hardware.

Material For Single For Twin
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Powder-Coated Steel 9670-41 $ 754 9670-43 $ 904
Stainless Steel 9670-40 $ 1,588 9670-42 $ 1,740

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