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Captair® Pyramid Glovebox—
for laboratory and field investigations!

  • Strong, reliable protection in a mobile and disposable enclosure.
  • Light simple structure allows for easy assembly.
  • Laboratory Certified—tested for optimal air-tightness.
  • Top mounted O-ring piece makes for high mobility and easy storage.

The Captair Pyramid is a disposable isolation enclosure that provides excellent protection in a mobile design.

The enclosure, base, and gloves are made of flexible PVC and assembled by high frequency welding to guarantee laboratory certified air tightness. Arm openings are equipped with cuffs on arm sleeves for better rigidity during handlings and support rods maintain the enclosure upright during manipulations.

Light, mobile design and gas insertion valve allows the use of a variety of applications such as opening of suspicious packages, handlings under inert atmosphere, on site sample collection, and protection from spillage.

Each enclosure is factory tested by inflating the enclosure with compressed air at 2.5mm Hg. Test certificate is provided with each enclosure along with serial number for traceability.

Cat.# Price
3015-00 $ 346


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