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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration
Glove Box

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber
In this application, potentially lethal CO gas is fed into a large chamber at precise concentrations to allow accurate sensor calibration.

A gas mixing system maintains a ratio of 2% CO/98% air during calibration. To meet requirements for high-humidity sensor performance, a Humex™ humidifier raises the moisture level inside the chamber to 95% RH. A process gas heater and cooler provide two precise calibration temperatures: 68°F and 120°F. Circulation fans ensure uniform temperature and humidity throughout the main chamber.

Upon completion of calibration, an emergency ventilation system evacuates the CO/air mixtures from the main chamber and air locks through an exhaust line plumbed vertically to the facility ceiling. The 740 CFM (1257 m³/hr) fan requires less than 20 seconds to reduce the CO concentration to safe levels.

Because the large chamber size precludes easy access to the air lock, sensors are loaded and unloaded on a trolley conveyor. The air lock pneumatic doors are opened and closed by means of an easy-access control mounted outside the chamber.

Application Requirements
  • Temperature: Stable, ± 1°F (±18°C) for 30 min. HOLD temperatures at 68°F and 120°F (20°C and 49°C)
  • Humidity: Ambient to 95% RH
  • Process Gas: 2% CO/95% air mixture
  • Pressure: On-demand emergency ventilation (chamber environment purged in less than 20 seconds)
  • Access: Pneumatic access door (externally activated) with trolley conveyor Neoprene gloves
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber   Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber
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