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Chemical Mixing Ventilation Chamber

Chemical Mixing Ventilation Chamber
Model shown: Series 200
Negative-Pressure Glove Box
This Glove Box allows safe mixing and handling of fuming chemistries. Half-inch thick acrylic chamber walls support a negative pressure of up to 5" WG, typically more than adequate for ventilating the Glove Box with either a vacuum pump or an exhaust fan. Ductless exhaust applications include an activated charcoal filter for safe removal of specific chemicals from the exhaust flow.

Arm port caps are opened when the chamber is being ventilated to allow influx of make-up air, and closed during purge operations to permit precise regulation of the negative pressure. A built-in pressure safety valve automatically opens at negative pressures in excess of 5" WC to protect the chamber.

A negative pressure air lock, with .25" (6 mm) vacuum line fittings and pressure safety valve, is specified for low-level negative pressures (to 5" WG), and a cylindrical pass-through vacuum antechamber is specified for processing at full vacuum.

Negative-pressure air lock   Negative-pressure air lock
Negative-pressure air lock
includes safety bleed valve
  Ductless ventilation module includes charcoal filter for chemical vapor removal

Application Requirements
  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 5" WG (main chamber), 29.9"Hg (vacuum antechamber)
  • Access: Negative-pressure air lock or vacuum antechamber; arm ports with sealing port caps
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