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Dryex™ Gas Dryer

Dryex™ Gas Dryer
Dryex™ 80 Outlet Flow:
420-900 SCFH
  • Efficient membrane separation design never needs regenerating (unlike desiccant dryers)
  • Gives you control over outlet flow and dew point
  • Low-maintenance, light-weight, compact design includes no moving parts
  • Requires no electrical service—simply connect to a compressed air feed line and it's ready for operation
  • Ideal source for purge gas in moisture-sensitive storage and processing applications
  • Choose between two models to meet your outlet flow requirements
  Cat. # Price
Dryex™80 9082-00 $ 5,930
Dryex™10 9082-01 $ 3,138
Replacement Filters    
1-micron Prefilter 9082-03 $ 263
0.025-micron Coalescing Filter 9082-02 $ 289

Dryex™ Gas Dryer
Dryex™ 10 Outlet Flow: 54-105 SCFH
Outlet Flow Capacities
The Dryex™ Gas Dryer is designed to provide reliable gas drying without the hassle and expense associated with desiccant drying systems.

Complete Product Control
It relies on membrane-separation technology to remove moisture from an air stream. This simple but highly reliable design gives you complete control over humidity removal—merely by regulating the flow of air into the Dryex™, you can precisely determine the humidity of the air output (see the performance graph). Because this technology requires no moving parts and consumes no energy, it is surprisingly economical to operate and maintain—the main expense is the energy required to provide a stream of compressed feed air.

Each system contains a gas pressure regulator, control valves and instruments, a coalescing filter and carbon filter (which remove oil vapors and particles from the feed line), and the moisture membrane module.

The membrane module consists of bundles of hollow fiber, semipermeable membranes, each of which has a perfectly circular cross-section and uniform core. This uniform wall thickness of each fiber contributes to the physical strength of each membrane. Because the fibers are so small, many can be packed into a limited space, providing an extremely large membrane surface area that can produce a relatively high volume product stream.

Compressed air is introduced into the center of the fibers at one end of the module and contacts the membrane as it flows down the fiber core. Water vapor passes through the outside of the fibers and is discharged as a by-product. The clean, dry air emerges at atmospheric pressure ready to use.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain
This compact, lightweight design lets you move the Dryex™ anywhere you have a compressed air feed line. Because the heart of the system, the membrane module, contains no moving parts, it requires no maintenance. The only attention the Dryex typically requires is an occasional change of the coalescing filter element, an easy operation completed in seconds.

Each Dryex™ unit includes a 304 stainless steel case housing the membrane filter, a charcoal particle filter, a coalescing filter, regulator, pressure gauge, and stainless steel compression fittings for connection of incoming and outgoing air.

Specifications Dryex™80 Dryex™10
Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 12"D x 49"H
610 mm x 305 mm x 1245 mm
16"W x 7.25"D x 6.5"H
406 mm x 184 mm x 165 mm
Weight: 55 lbs.
25 kg.
11 lbs.
4990 g.
Feed Air Pressure: 60-200 PSIG 60 - 200 PSIG
Outlet Flow @100psig: 420 - 900 SCFH 54 - 105 SCFH
Feed Air Temperature: 40°F to 150°F (75°F recommended)
4°C to 66°C (24°C recommended)
Utilities Requirement:
Electricity required only for
user-supplier air compressor/conditioner

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Dryex Clean Air Dryer: Doc. #1800-48
Manual (PDF) Dryex Clean Air Dryer: Doc. # 1800-48
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