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Ducted Cleaning Glovebox with ULPA Filtration
Ideal for 3D-Printing Applications

Ducted Filtration Glovebox with optional
nitrogen spray gun (model No. 3305-78).
Features Key

A Status Indicator Light: glows continuously to indicate fan unit is operational (flashes when it is not)
B DC-motor fan unit with ducting flange; can add optional ULPA filter for exhausted air
C Inlet ULPA air filter
D Fluorescent light module
E Tempered glass viewing window, framed by stainless steel
F Compressed-air gun
G 10-inch glove ports

  • Enclosed work station for cleaning components
  • Compressed air or deionized water feeds through optional ports for washing parts 
  • Single-pass air enters open-loop glovebox through ULPA filter, removing 0.12 um particles with an efficiency of 99.999%
  • Side access door opens inward to contain process particles
  • Steel side access door lined with elastomer gasket for snug seal
  • High-static pressure, clean-running, brushless DC fan motor
  • Fluorescent light module included

Open side access door with stainless steel LiftLatch and use door handle to push open and pull closed. 

Terra's Ducted Filtration Glovebox is optimal for cleansing manufactured components of contaminating particles and remnants generated from part processing. Optional deionized-water guns or compressed-air blow-off guns are used to remove residual fragments from components. Ambient air entering the glovebox goes through an ULPA filter to protect the parts from exposure to additional contaminants.

A common application that usually requires a cleaning step is additive manufacturing, also known as 3-dimensional (3D) printing. Materials used to create 3D objects include liquids, biologics and powders made of thermoplastics and metal. After "printing" the object's layers, residual matter is purged for safety and product presentation. When using potentially harmful materials, the Ducted Filtration Glovebox can be equipped with an additional ULPA filter in the glovebox exhaust port. A 4-inch-diameter flange connects ducting to an air handler or the building's ventilation system, channeling the air safely away from the area.

The glovebox is made of white polypropylene, with a tempered-glass viewing window. These materials resist damage from common lab chemicals and are easy to disinfect. The right-side access door is opened and closed using Terra's stainless steel LiftLatch™; a smaller handle allows personnel to push the door inward, or pull it closed for latching. The windowless door is sturdy and dual-gasketed for maintaining internal environment integrity. A removable gasketed back panel may also be used to introduce larger equipment into the glovebox.

The fan module operates with a high-static pressure, brushless DC motor. Not only does it prevent particle generation, but it also reduces harmful electro-magnetic interferences (EMI) that may damage parts. The energy-efficient motor generates a low noise level of 50 dBA.

Configurations are available for creating a low-humidity cleaning environment in the glovebox. If this is required for your process, an optional port is needed to introduce an inert gas such as nitrogen. Nitrogen or compressed air can also be hooked up to Terra's Ionizing Blow-Off Gun which delivers a precise blast of neutralizing positive and negative ions to targeted surfaces.

Call a Terra Product Specialist to discuss your compressed-gas
or water application needs.
Ducted Cleaning Glovebox with ULPA Filtration
35"W x 24"D x 25"H (889 x 610 x 635 mm) Cat. # Price
ULPA-Filtered Cleaning Glovebox, 120V, 10" glove ports 3305-78 $ 2,918
Replacement ULPA filter 3333-35 $ 235


Nitrogen/DI Water Spray Guns

  • Provides safe, convenient high-pressure dispensing of nitrogen or DI water
  • Ideal for use in Terra's Wet Processing Station

Standard cap color: natural. Nitrogen cap/nozzle prevents pressure build-up if outlet is blocked. Installation price includes installation in Terra's Wet Processing Station (including all necessary fittings and plumbing).

DI Water/Nitrogen Spray Guns
Description Cap
Spray Gun
Spray Gun
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
DI Water Spray Gun 0.25" FNPT Connection Natural 2002-22 $ 246 2002-23 $ 705
Nitrogen Spray Gun 0.25" FNPT Connection Natural 2002-21 $ 235 2002-24 $ 497
Nitrogen Spray Gun
Nitrogen/DI Water Spray Guns
DI Water Spray Gun
Replacement 0.5 Micron Filter For Nitrogen Spray Gun
Cat. # Price
2002-45 $ 26
Maximum Pressure: 75 PSIG (nitrogen spray gun); 80 PSIG (DI water spray gun)
Orifice: 3/16" (5 mm)
Connection: 0.25" female NPT
Filter: 0.5 µm PTFE membrane (nitrogen spray gun only)
Materials: All wetted parts PFA, Teflon®, PTFE
(and polyethylene on nitrogen spray gun only)

Sloping Bottom with Drainage Valve

Ideal for solvent cleaning and other chemical processing. A platform (either perforated stainless steel or wire grid) provides a level work surface. Chemical spills drain to a reservoir with a convenient drain valve (specify stainless steel, PTFE, polypropylene, or other valve material).

Please contact a Terra representative to discuss this custom option.

sloping bottoms

Carboy (Reservoir)

  • Safely contains chemicals draining from a sink or overflow plenum in a Terra wet station
  • Includes sight glass to monitor liquid level (electronic liquid level sensors available)
  • Casters and quick connect/disconnect fittings included to simplify carboy removal and emptying
  • Select among three materials to meet chemical compatibility requirements


Carboys reservoir
No. 2800-75, shown with
optional liquid level sensor
Liquid Carboys, includes handles that extend total of 3.5" (89 mm) past indicated length
Material Tank Dimensions, OD
inches (mm)
gallons (L)
Cat. # Price
Polypropylene 13 W x 13 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 330 x 292)
2800-75 $ 1,561

Cleanroom Ionizing Gun

The low input voltage (24 VAC) design eliminates shock hazards to both operators and parts, and a step-down transformer is included for 120VAC power use (220-volt transformer available). It also minimizes EMI (electro-magnetic interference) making it safe for operation around high-precision electronics equipment.

Catalog No. 2005-55
Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-off with Replacement Power Supply and Filters
Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun
  Cat. # Price
Ionzing Blow-Off Gun
Includes 120 or 240 VAC Power Supply,
specify power option, and 0.4-micron Inline Filter
2005-55 $ 715
Replacement Ionizing Power Supply
120VAC, 50/60Hz 2005-09A $ 44
220VAC, 50Hz 2005-09A-220 $ 54
Replacement In-Line Capsule Filters
0.04-micron particle retention 2005-52 $ 208
0.4-micron particle retention 2005-53 $ 142
Replacement Emitter Points 2005-45 $ 26

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