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LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolators
by Germfree

LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolators

Provides cleanroom conditions in a contained workspace for ultimate user and product protection

cleanliness high

This Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI) with ¼" lead shielding provides advanced user and product protection when compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals. These barrier isolators provide cleanroom conditions within a contained workspace and they are ideal for use in clinics, hospital care units, main and satellite pharmacies.

  • Meets USP 797 compliance without expense for pharmacy ventilation renovations
  • ISO Class 5/Class 100 Isolator eliminates requirement for an ISO Class 8 cleanroom
  • ¼" lead shielding (located in back, sides, bottom and front of work area) protects while compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals
  • Fits most major brand dose calibrators
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Provides fully controlled environment with 100% HEPA filtration of supply and exhaust air from work area and antechamber
  • Stainless steel construction inside and outside encapsulates lead between interior and exterior panels
  • Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Ordering Information
Germfree Part # Description Cat # Price
LFGI-3RUSP LFGI SERIES Radiopharmacy Isolator, 115V 5607-22 $ 44,064

Specifications and Additional Features
air flow
Maintains air quality under dynamic conditions with unidirectional laminar airflow system
  • Overall Dimensions: 36"W x 34"D x 79.5"H (914.5 x 864 x 2019.5 mm)
  • Work Area Dimensions: 34"W X 24"D (864 x 610 mm)
  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel with pharmaceutical grade #4 finish
  • Electrical: 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 15 Amp (220v/50-60 Hz also available)
  • Running Amperage: 6
  • Unit Weight: 1850 lbs.
  • HEPA filter life extended by high capacity motor/blower with speed control
  • (2) Anthropometrically correct gloveports
  • Work area has sealed outlets
  • Externally mounted fluorescent lights minimize heat build-up
  • Long lasting, front loading and full coverage HEPA filters; easy to replace by certifier
  • 10 ft. power cords with molded grounded plug
  • ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting
  • Safety Features: Key accessed lock-out handle for work area; digital pressure gauge with audible and visual low pressure alarm; operator/product protection in event of glove loss with inward face velocity of 95-100 linear feet per minute at gloveport opening; glove change without breaking containment; standard locking casters; undergoes extensive physical testing for assurance that each unit meets performed requirements; independent certification required prior to use
  • Ergonomics: 10" range variance of hydraulic assist height; adjusting stand allows users to comfortably sit or stand for extended time periods; stainless steel sliding tray (inside airlock pulls) eliminate reaching strains; two part sleeve/glove systems accommodates most commercially available gloves; extra-large oval gloveports (with 3" arm rest) placed with bottoms together accommodates a wide range of body types; right angle position of large viewing panel reduces glare
  • Sharps and Waste Disposal: sharps container surrounded by individual ¼" lead shields located under isolator; 2.5" diameter sharps tube for quick drop of large syringes; includes easy to remove shielded seals/stoppers to maintain work area containment
  • Top hinged and self-supporting front viewing panel for easy access and cleaning of work area and equipment ingress
  • Seamless antechamber corners are easy to clean
  • Large 1.81" (46mm) thick leaded acrylic window

Germfree Part # Description Cat # Price
LFGI-3RTT Exhaust Transition for LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolators 5607-23 $ 672
isolator features

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