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Glove Box Vacuum Antechambers

  • Ideal for processing in vacuums down to 29.9" Hg
  • Allows complete transfer of components with no risk of contaminating chamber environment
  • Evacuation/refill valve, vacuum gauge allow precise antechamber management (select Vacuum Control Module for automatic control)

These vacuum antechambers assure a safe, contamination-free atmosphere. for use with Terra's Series 400 chambers.

Acrylic Vacuum Antechamber: For Series 200 and 300 Glove Boxes

Acrylic Airlock

Made of 0.5" (13 mm)-thick acrylic, this antechamber safely supports vacuum to 29.9"Hg. It mounts to the right side of Terra Series 200 or Series 300 Glove Boxes (must be specified when glove box is ordered). Allows pass-through vacuum operations. Includes vacuum gauge and dual shut-off valves. Chamber diameter: 12" (305 mm).

Chamber Length Cat. # Price
12" (305 mm) 1681-63 $ 2,355
23" (584 mm) 1681-67 $ 2,813

Modular Vacuum/Nitrogen Pass-Through Oven

Modular Vacuum/Nitrogen Pass-Through Oven
Shown mounted on Series 300 Chamber
CE mark
  • Economical oven delivers wide temperature and vacuum range at an affordable price
  • Modular design allows easy attachment to Terra Stainless Steel Atmospheric Chambers
  • Double-door design enhances flexibility, allows pass-through operations
  • All stainless steel construction is suitable for operations with corrosive fumes
  • Tempered-glass window permits full viewing of contents
  • Can be ordered to retrofit any Terra stainless steel atmospheric chamber

This unit provides a compact, economical alternative to Terra’s larger Vacuum/Nitrogen Oven for applications that don’t require extremely high temperatures or vacuums; it is ideal for R&D, laboratory, and production operations. It interfaces with the Stainless Steel Atmospheric Chamber to deliver the heat and/or vacuum required in many manufacturing operations, including resistance and seam welding of hybrids and many other microelectronic packages.

This oven features a double-door design for pass-through operation. An adjustable thermostat with a calibrated indicator controls the contact heating elements which are clamped to the chamber’s exterior walls. High heat-resistant silicon door and window gaskets provide effective sealing. Stainless steel construction guarantees noncontaminating operation and allows operations that involve corrosive fumes. Over 2" (51 mm) of fiberglass insulation and a slow leak rate ensure efficient operation. An 8" (203 mm) square tempered-glass window provides ample viewing of the internal chamber.

A 0-30" vacuum gauge and all necessary gas ports are located at the bottom of these pass-through ovens for easy connection to a vacuum pump. Temperature controls include an on/off switch, temperature gauge, and temperature controller. Dual metering valves provide fine adjustment of vacuum and bleed operations. Oven mounts securely to the Stainless Steel Atmospheric Chamber and requires no exterior support.

Modular Vacuum Nitrogen Oven
With Interface Attachment for
Series 300 Chamber
110VAC, 50/60Hz 220VAC, 50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Left Mount 9602-03A $ 5,623 9602-03A-220 $ 5,623
Right Mount 9602-30A $ 5,623 9602-30A-220 $ 5,623

Note: The Modular Vacuum/Nitrogen Oven seals only under vacuum. It is not appropriate for low-leak requirements when it is not under vacuum pressure.

This unit can be custom-ordered to retrofit any stainless steel atmospheric chamber. Contact Terra for ordering information. Please have available the overall dimensions of the appropriate endplate from your chamber, the exact locations of mounting hole, if any, and/or description of mounting hardware desired.

Vacuum range: Atmosphere to 10 microns, with adequate pump
Temperature range: 10°C to 149°C
Capacity: .48 cu. ft.(0.01 m³)
Inside dimensions: 8"W x 16"D x 8"H (203 mm x 406 mm x 203 mm)
Outside dimensions: 15"W x 16"D x 14"H (381 mm x 406 mm x 356 mm)
Power requirements: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 4.6 amp., 550 watts or 220VAC, 50Hz
Shipping weight: 54 lbs. (24.5 kg.)
Leak rate: 0.2 liters/24 hours
Pumping rate: 33.4 liters per minute, free air capacity, with appropriate pump

Recommend Pump and Accessories — See Sample Pump Configuration




Pump Type Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
High-Flow Diaphragm Pump MP901Z 7906-29 $ 2,503
Click for full specifications
  Vacuum Control Module
Allows automatic vacuum control. Includes a vacuum gauge with set point controller and on/off switches for built-in vacuum solenoid and pump (order pump separately).
  Cat. # Price
110VAC, 50/60Hz 1681-75 $ 2,943
220VAC, 50Hz 1681-75-220 $ 2,943
Vacuum Pump Connection Kits
Tubing in. (mm) Cat # Price
1/4 (6) 5400-24 $ 1,833
Click here for full specifications

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Vacuum Antechamber: Doc. # 1800-02
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