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Low-Humidity, Easy-Access Isolator

Low-Humidity, Easy Access Isolator
System shown: Cat. # 1695-28

Low-Humidity, Easy Access Isolator illustration
Low-Humidity, Easy Access Isolator illustration top view
  • Space-saving corner installation
  • Dual pneumatically operated, footswitch-activated access doors

This isolator makes optimal use of corner dead space and accommodates large process equipment. The unique chamber design and dual pneumatic doors put parts within easy reach of gloved operators.

A humidity control system regulates the flow of clean, dry nitrogen into the processing chamber to maintain any user-selected, sub-ambient humidity level. For optimal cleanliness, a closed-loop filtration system draws process gas through a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter; a diverter valve allows 100% recirculation or partial exhausting.

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