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Material Stress Testing Glove Box Isolator

Material Stress Testing glove box isolator
Model shown: Series 400 Stainless Steel Glove Box Isolator

Material Stress Testing Glove Box Isolator illustration
Application Requirements
  • Temperature: Stable, ± 1°F (±18°C) for 30 min. HOLD temperatures from -20°F to +140°F (-29°C to 60°C); Pass-through oven heating to 300°C
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, ± 2%
  • Process Gas: Air
  • Access: Neoprene gloves Hinged port covers for easy glove changes with no impact on chamber environment Air lock for product removal
  • Particle Control: Recirculation through HEPA filter (@ >= 4 air changes/minute) to meet class 10 requirements
This glove box isolator is designed for accelerated-life testing of elastomers, fiber composites, and other materials over a broad range of temperature, -20°F to +140°F (-29°C to 68°C) and humidity (5 to 95% RH).
Double-wall construction is required on all sides. Viewing windows are double-pane polycarbonate for strength and temperature resistance. 304 Stainless steel walls include 4" (102 mm) of polyurethane insulation.
A pass-through oven on one side of the processing chamber allows degassing at temperatures up to 300°C, and an opposing-side air lock allows parts removal. A closed-loop recirculation module continuously recycles air through a HEPA filter (rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3µm particles) and an activated charcoal filter for removal of organic vapors.
A large chamber allows multiple-operator access, and hinged glove ports locking port caps facilitate quick glove change-outs without contamination of the chamber environment.
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