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Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging Glove Box

Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging Chamber
Model shown: Series 100 Polymer Glove Box
Static-Dissipative PVC chamber helps control static charges and the particles they attract.
Tilt-up access window Hinged port caps
Tilt-up access window allows convenient transfer of large equipment. Hinged port caps allow fast, easy glove change-out without contaminating internal environment.
This containment chamber allows safe handling and packaging of chemotherapy powders and other hazardous materials.

A filter/fan unit mounted on the chamber ceiling draws air through a HEPA filter (99.99% efficient @ 0.3µm particles). Exhaust air is drawn through a second HEPA filter and then ventilated through a 4" (102 mm)-diameter conduit to a remote secondary filtration unit. Filter port covers enable the operator to seal the chamber when the filtration system is turned OFF, allowing weighing or handling of fine powders in a still-air, contamination-free environment.

A right-side air lock is provided for passing material in and out of the chamber. In addition, swing-up viewing windows allow convenient front loading of scales, sealers, and other larger processing tools.

Application Requirements
  • Particle Control: Open-loop filtration module with dual HEPA filters (@ less than or equal to 4 air changes/minute)
  • Access: Right-side pass-through air lock. Glove ports for two operators. Swing-up access window for front loading equipment.
Open-Loop Filtration Module   Closed-Loop Filtration Module

Open-Loop Filtration Glove Box
For safe indoor exhausting
A 740-CFM (1257 m³/hr) impeller blower, mounted in an acrylic housing, draws air through an inlet filter into the glove box. This filter (HEPA or ULPA) removes particulates, aerosols, spores, and other contaminants to ensure a clean processing environment. A HEPA or ULPA filter removes contaminants from the exhaust gas to make it safe for indoor release. Both filters are enclosed in a disposable acrylic housing for safe, easy handling and disposal.


Closed-Loop Filtration Glove Box
Continuous recirculation exceeds Class 10 requirements
A 740-CFM (1257 m³/hr) impeller draws air into the glove box through an inlet HEPA, ULPA or charcoal filter. HEPA and ULPA filters remove particles, aerosols, spores and other contaminants to ensure a clean process environment. The charcoal filter removes common organic vapors. A 4-position PVC diverter valve determines the percentage of fresh make-up air entering the chamber (100%, 50% or 0%).

Stainless steel chamber Stainless steel chamber is durable and easy to wipe down. Available with radius corners for aseptic applications. Stainless steel chamber

Chamber Shown:
Series 300 Stainless Steel Glove Box
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