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Pharmaceuticals Drying Isolator

Pharmaceuticals Drying Isolator
A. Sequence Controller
Controls vacuum, heating, and gas purging cycles (up to 999 separate steps) in up to nine process chambers.
B. Vacuum Control Module
Automatically controls and displays vacuum level.
C. Vacuum/Nitrogen Oven
Heats to 220°C. Includes LED temperature readout and high-limit thermostat. Internal chamber: 14"W x 20"D x 14"H (356 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm). Operates on 120VAC, 60Hz.
D. Refrigeration/Condenser Module
Reclaims vapor from the vacuum line to protect pump.
E. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
Rated for continuous duty.
F. Oil-less Compressor
Feeds clean, compressed air to the Nitrogen Generator.
G. Nitrogen Generator
Low-maintenance membrane separation system produces clean, dry nitrogen up to 99.9% pure.
H. Process Gas Controller
Includes dual flowmeters to allow gas mixing and a control system that automatically backfills the heating chamber at the end of a vacuum cycle.
Application Requirements
  • Temperature: Up to 220°C; refrigeration of vacuum line.
  • Humidity: Subambient to 0%RH (± 2% RH)
  • Process Gas: N2/CO2 mixture
  • Pressure: Up to 29.9" Hg vacuum
  • Sequencing: Up to 99 heating/vacuum cycles in any of the process ovens
This integrated system provides controlled heating and vacuum cycling of pharmaceuticals in multiple vacuum/nitrogen ovens.

A sequence controller allows programming of up to 999 heating/vacuum cycles in up to 9 processing chambers. Each 1600W process oven is rated for 220°C heating and includes a high-limit thermostat to protect against overheating that could cause sublimation in chemical drying applications. Vacuum control modules for each chamber control pump operation to maintain the desired vacuum level (to 29.9" Hg). A refrigeration/condenser module reclaims vapors from the vacuum line to ensure trouble-free pump operation.

A process gas controller backfills the heating chamber with a N2/CO2 gas mixture to ensure a clean, nonreactive drying environment. A Nitrogen Generator produces a continuous flow of 99.9% pure nitrogen from a compressed air feed for use in facilities without high-volume N2 supply.

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