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Series 200: Negative Pressure Glove Boxes

Negative Pressure Glove Boxes (Series 200)
Available with front
tilt-up access panel.
  Stainless steel door frames with unique "e" profile elastomer gasket increase structural rigidity, extend service life, and improve sealing performance.
Features Key

A 0 – 30"Hg vacuum gauge and dual vacuum shut-off valves simplify vacuum connection, release, and monitoring
B Vacuum safety switch prevents excessive vacuum pressure
C Available in 0.5"-thick acrylic or polycarbonate supports negative pressure to -5"WG
D Air lock supports negative pressure to -5"WG (vacuum gauge and valves included)
E Port caps seal chamber
  Other options include stainless steel work surface, acrylic full-vacuum antechamber, vacuum control module, and nitrogen generator
cleanliness high

  • Ideal for drying, degassing, and ventilation applications
  • Clear construction (of acrylic or polycarbonate) provides full visibility of work in progress
  • Sturdy construction allows sustained negative pressure operation at -5" WG (29.9"Hg in vacuum antechamber)
  • Solvent welding and chrome-plated hardware ensure a completely noncontaminating environment
  • Optional remote filter/blower module provides safe exhaust fume venting or purification
  • Select cylindrical vacuum chamber for higher vacuum levels
  • 10" (254 mm) round arm ports accommodate port covers and sleeve/glove combinations
  • Vacuum safety valve included to prevent damage to walls or seal

Note: The vacuum safety valves provided with each Series 200 Negative Pressure Glove Box and Negative Pressure Air Lock are essential to safe operation of this system, especially when operated with a vacuum pump. Removal of these valves could result in damage to your equipment!
Note: Vacuum gauge and shutoff valves are standard with all applications that include vacuum service. For applications with a filter/fan unit, this hardware is not included.

RH/Temperature Data Logger
RH/Temperature Data Logger
Cat. # Price
9500-10 $ 240
Provides a convenient record of storage conditions! Placed in a desiccator or glovebox, this compact device accumulates humidity and temperature data at specified intervals for hours, days, weeks, even months. USB connection lets you import and display data in several formats.

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Glove Box Solutions for Every Industry
These economical vacuum glove boxes are designed for degassing operations, chemical mixing, biological tests, and other processes requiring sustained negative pressure.

Clean, Sturdy, Versatile
Each chamber is fabricated out of solvent-welded 0.5" (13 mm) transparent material that combines full visibility with light weight, cleanliness and durability. Dual glove ports allow full access to work in progress. Select acrylic for general applications, or polycarbonate for resistance to a wide range of chemicals and thermal stress.

Equipped with a vacuum safety valve on a standard basis, these chambers are designed for operations with sustained negative pressures down to -5" WG (Water Gauge). All hardware, including latches and hinges, is chrome-plated, and solvent welding ensures a strong, seamless, air-tight structure that won't leak or outgas.

Improved Access Doors Reduce Wear, Enhance Performance
Dual side access doors open inward to allow easy parts transfer from inside the chamber. Doors feature stainless steel reinforcement frames that increase the structural rigidity of the door by a factor of five. A built-in LiftLatch securely seals the door without applying lateral torque that could damage hinges.

All doors include unique, one-piece "e"-profile elastomer gaskets that will not compress or migrate over time. Their superb sealing capability saves nitrogen, eliminates maintenance, and extends the service life of access doors—typically the only component of a glove box that shows wear.

Versatile Configurations Support Many Negative Pressure Applications
These glove boxes are designed for applications requiring low-level negative pressures, continuous high-volume ventilation, or sustained vacuum at one atmosphere.

By attaching a vacuum pump and vacuum controller, you can dry or degas components at up to -5" WG of negative pressure in either the main chamber or negative pressure air lock. In this application, dual vacuum shut-off valves allow connection to the pump and vacuum bleeding. A safety pressure valve ensures that internal pressure does not exceed -5"WG.

For degassing at one atmosphere (29.9" Hg), select the vacuum antechamber. The pass-through design of this antechamber lets you introduce parts measuring up to 10" x 10" (254 mm x 254 mm) into the glove box for packaging or other processing following vacuum cycling.

Two configurations are available for continuous ventilation of the glove box during soldering, chemical mixing, or other operations that generate noxious fumes. A remote filter/blower module can be connected to the glove box via a 6" (152 mm) flange. Fumes are drawn through the conduit for remote exhausting or vapor removal. Make-up air enters the chamber either through iris glove ports or a HEPA-filtered intake port on top of the box. As an alternative to remote ventilation, a filter/fan unit can be installed directly on top of the glove box. Its ventilation fan draws fumes through a charcoal filter for purification or into an exhaust conduit for remote exhausting. Make-up air enters the chamber through iris glove ports.

Two port covers are available separately to allow the 10" (254 mm) round arm ports to be sealed. These covers are recommended during processes with negative pressure in order to relieve strain on gloves and glove clamps (gloves must be ordered separately).

Construction: Solvent-welded 0.5 " (13 mm)-thick clear acrylic or polycarbonate; chrome-plated hardware
Door Openings: 10" x 10" (254 mm x 254 mm) gasketed (accommodates either vacuum interchange chamber or standard Terra Air Lock); gasketed front access door optional (for introduction of large objects)
Arm Ports: 10" (254 mm) round with flange for connecting glove assembly/port covers
Vacuum Control: 0-30" vacuum gauge provided with dual shutoff valves and barbed-hose fittings. Flange with outlet port provided with selection of remote filter/blower module.
How to Order:
1. Select the glove box of the desired material (either plexiglass or polycarbonate). Models are available with or without the swing-up front access panel. Note: Terra recommends selection of a stainless steel work surface to prevent scratching in all plastic chambers.
2. See "Corresponding Accessories" ordering chart to select a vacuum antechamber or air lock (antechamber and air lock prices include standard right-side installation). See below for more information on antechambers and air locks.
3. Select the Select other accessories below. accessories for your system; all prices include installation. Other optional accessories are listed below.
OR — Use the QuickQuote tool to help you select the glovebox for your application


Series 200 dimensions
custm design  
Glove Ports A
2 16.25
Series 200 Negative-Pressure Glove Boxes
With Front Access Panel Without Front Access Panel
Acrylic* Polycarbonate Acrylic* Polycarbonate
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1681-13D $ 2,256 1681-14D $ 4,174 1681-15D $ 1,949 1681-16D $ 3,576
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Nitrogen generator Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators. 
Antechambers and Air Locks

vacuum airlock   Vacuum Antechamber
Allows drying or degassing at up to one full atmosphgere (29.9"Hg).

standard glove box air lock  
Standard Air Lock
These air locks mount on the right side of the glove box to allow easy pass-through of parts into and out of the chamber. They feature a swing-down door on the front (outside) and a second door that is easy to open by a gloved hand from inside the glove box. One-piece nonadhesive gasket enhances sealing performance and extends service life. Gas ports are provided to allow purging of the air lock with nitrogen. Right mounting is standard.
Antechambers and Air Locks
Vacuum Antechamber
12" (305 mm) Diameter
Air Lock
Negative Pressure
Air Lock
12"L (305 mm)
23"L (584 mm)
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price   Cat. # Price
1681-63 $ 2,355 1681-67 $ 2,813 1680-78B $ 563 Acrylic Right Mount 1680-93B $ 933
Acrylic Left Mount 1680-94B $ 933
Polycarb Right Mount 1680-95B $ 961
Polycarb Left Mount 1680-96B $ 961

Replacement Port Covers
External Mount
Cat. # Price
1694-53 $ 251

  Cat. # Price
Operating Manual 1800-42 Call TUI

Recommended Pumps and Accessories See Sample Pump Configuration

Pumps   Accessories
High-Flow Diaphragm Pumps   Low-Vacuum Control Module
Pump Type Ilmvac # Cat # Price
High-Flow Diaphragm Pumps MP1801Z 7906-26 Call TUI


Click here for full specifications

  Includes a vacuum gauge with set point control, on/off switches for pump and vacuum solenoid.
Cat. # Price
1685-99 $ 1,480
1685-99-220 Call TUI
    Vacuum Pump Connection Kit
Vacuum Pump Connection Kits
Tubing in. (mm) Cat # Price
1/4 (6) 5400-24 $ 1,833
Click here for full specifications.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Use Nitrogen?
A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.
Tech Resource (PDF) Glove Box 101: Here's What You Need to Know
Avoid costly mistakes commonly made during the specification of a glove box isolation or containment chamber. Selection tips here, plus a useful glossary.
Manual (PDF) Negative Pressure (Series 200): Doc. #1800-51
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