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Portable Glove Box
Shown without included gloves

Portable Glove Box

  • Fully assembled, ready to use (includes gloves)
  • One-piece molded shell makes cleaning a breeze
  • Can be configured to allow ducting

This economical, lightweight, portable glove box features a one-piece shell molded of white polyethylene, with a large acrylic panel on the front for a clear view of operations inside. The interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning, and a large, 8" diameter side port allows easy access to the glove box. Side port locks in place and seals with an O-ring. One pair of size large Neoprene gloves is included, which fit snugly over the 6" glove ports and are connected to the glove box with clamping rings.

The top of the glove box is molded as a stepped connection to allow either 6" or 4" ducting of the glove box.

This glove box is shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Dimensions: 27"W x 13"D x 22"H
Viewing Window Area: 20"W x 10"H
Glove Port Size: 6" O.D. diameter
Side Port Size: 8"O.D. diameter x 3"D
Shipping Weight: 38 lbs

Ordering Information Cat. # Price
Portable Glove Box 3308-10 $ 1,084
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