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Temperature Control Modules

Constant emperature Control System
Constant Temperature Control System shown with Series 300 Glove Box. (Order desired glove box separately.)

humidity controllers
Typical application with NitroWatch/DualPurge humidity controllers (not included)

Constant Temperature Control System

  • Designed for constant temperature settings between 120°F and -5°F(49°C and -20°C)
  • Includes heater and refrigeration modules
  • PLC-based recipes available for multiple temperature cycles

With a heater and refrigeration module working together to maintain a specific temperature, this constant temperature control system offers a more powerful alternative to Terra's flow-through Process Gas Cooler.

This system consists of compressor/condenser unit and heater, mounted inside a 304 stainless steel housing, and an evaporator cooler, mounted inside the chamber. The closed-loop refrigeration unit operates with an environmentally friendly coolant (CFC free) and uses a RTD sensor, which provides continuous temperature display and overtemperature protection with an internal bypass to prevent temperature overshoot.

The system's evaporator cooler, mounted in an aluminum housing, includes an integral fan that recirculates process gas inside the chamber through the cooling coils. Standard controller allows user to establish a constant temperature set point. A PLC controller, programmed for multiple temperature cycles, is available on an optional basis.

Double-Wall, Insulated Glove Boxes Available!—
Call for a quotation.

Dimensions: 25"W x 19"D x 14"H (635 mm x 483 mm x 357 mm)
Control: Microprocessor-based single-point controller
Sensor: RTD Type
Heater: 600 Watts
Compressor Size BTU/Hour
110 VAC, 50/60Hz 220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
41ºF to 120ºF; 5°C to 49°C 0.5HP 3800 1694-75 $ 4,446 1694-75-220 $ 4,446
23º to 120ºF; -5°C to 49°C 0.75HP 5900 1694-77 $ 5,440 1694-77-220 $ 5,440

Double-Wall, Insulated Chamber
Double-Wall, Insulated Chamber Boosts Thermal Efficiency!
If your application calls for heating or cooling, Terra will modify any standard glove box to produce a more thermally efficient enclosure.

In most cases, these modifications include a double-wall design with 2" to 4" (51 mm to 102 mm) of polyurethane insulation, depending on the process temperature.

Call Terra to discuss your particular requirements!

Process Gas Heater

Process Gas Heater
Typical application with NitroWatch®/DualPurge™ humidity controllers (not included).

Process Gas Heater 1
Process Gas Heater 2
Process Gas Heater
  • Provides controlled heating of process gases (such as nitrogen and argon) to facilitate a wide range of manufacturing operations
  • In a controlled atmosphere chamber,
    • enhances component drying and epoxy curing;
    • allows safe preheating of components before welding;
    • performs temperature testing of finished components
  • Reduces thermal shock before oven baking
  • Features thermal exchange system with isolated heater for optimal safety and cleanliness
  • Maintains stable temperatures

Terra Universal's Process Gas Heater provides a safe and highly accurate way to enhance a variety of semiconductor and other processing operations.

Programmable Controller Ensures Safe, Clean Heating, Provides Overtemperature Protection
Within a matter of seconds, it raises the temperature of the process gas (such as nitrogen, argon or oxygen) up to 350°F (177°C), see performance graphs. The thermostatic control ensures temperature stability.

Its isolated heating system provides controlled heating without direct contact with the process gas—guaranteeing safe, noncontaminating operation with potentially explosive gases. The "smart" programmable temperature controller monitors and responds to gas temperature measured at the outlet, continuously adjusting the temperature profile and guarding against temperature overshoot. A digital readout toggles between the user-defined set point and the actual gas temperature.

The Process Gas Heater comes complete with a temperature controller with digital LCD readout and .125" (3 mm) compression inlet/outlet fittings for gas tubing.

Dimensions: 17"W x 11"D x 5.625"H
432 mm x 279 mm x 143 mm
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
9072 g.
Process Gas Heater Cat. # Price
120VAC/60Hz 4320-00 $ 4,571
220VAC/50Hz 4320-00-220 $ 4,516
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