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Radioactive Material Handling Glove Box

Radioactive Material Handling Chamber
This 12-gauge 304 stainless steel isolation glove box is designed for safe handling of radioactive materials used in medical applications. It features two chambers connected by a vacuum port. Three-sixteenth-inch safety glass allows full viewing from the front and top. One-piece gaskets and heavy-duty counter-balanced port hatches ensure a low leak rate of 0.5% of the volume of the total enclosure per hour (tested under 5" WG of vacuum).

The chambers include flanges for connection to a ventilation system and utility ports for introducing power and vacuum service. Both chambers are rated for 10" WG vacuum. All seams feature radius corners for easy wipe-down. Removable glove ports allow fast glove change-out.

Radioactive Material Handling Chamber   Radius corners   Bag-in, Bag-out access port
    Radius corners simplify cleaning, eliminate seams and cracks   Bag-in, Bag-out access port allows safe handling of packaging containing radioactive materials

Application Requirements
  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 10" WG (both processing chambers)
  • Access: Bag-in, Bag-out Port Vacuum port hatches with O-ring seals Removable glove ports
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