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RF Sealing Isolator

RF Sealing Isolator

RF Sealing Isolator illustration
Application Requirements
  • Humidity: < 10% RH
  • Process Gas: Nitrogen (N2 Generator for uninterrupted supply)
  • Pressure: 1: WG (main chamber) 29.9" Hg vacuum (antechambers)
  • Access: Dual side pass-through antechambers. Gloves for up to 10 operators. Special access ports for electromagnetic seal

Extremely delicate museum artifacts, including manuscripts, fossils, and other fragile specimens, are dried under vacuum and then transferred to an acrylic isolation chamber for preparation and sealing in an inert nitrogen environment.

Due to the susceptibility of artifacts to moisture damage, this isolator includes a Dual Purge™ System and NitroWatch® to control nitrogen purging and maintain a low relative humidity level automatically. A Nitrogen Generator provides an uninterrupted source of 99.9% pure nitrogen.

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