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Stable Temperature/Humidity Containment Glovebox

Temperature stability

This glovebox safely contains potential biohazards while providing a stable environment over a broad range of temperatures (-2°C to 36°C) tested at various humidity levels between 0 and 75% RH. The stainless steel chamber features 2" (51 mm) of insulation and internal dimensions of 33" x 33" x 33" (838 mm 838 mm x 838 mm), overall dimensions: 37"W x 37"D x 52"H (940 mm x 940 mm x 1321 mm).

A high-capacity air conditioner holds a stable temperature down to -2°C, and a 4000W heater integrated into the evaporator coil achieves temperature stability to 36°C. The dry nitrogen feed gas provides a low %RH; an ultrasonic humidifier provides elevated RH to 74% without moisture condensation. The chamber includes a bag-in/bag-out port that can be used for transferring waste out of the chamber. The large swing-up access door allows easy cleaning of the chamber.

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Interior   Illustration
Swing-up door for
easy access and cleaning

Bag-In/Bag-Out Port
9" (229 mm)-dia. port with closure operated from glovebox interior. Specify for any Terra glovebox.
  Cat# Price
Bag-in_bag_Out Port 1694-43 $ 330
Bags: Package of 10 12-mil PVC bags 1694-44 $ 125
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