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Series 600: Glove Box Isolators

Series 600 glove box isolators
39" - High Series 600 Glovebox with standard illuminator and optional airlock (model 9670-00B shown)
Features Key

A 2-port chamber No. 9670-00B with polycarbonate viewing window and 10” (254 mm)-diameter plastic glove ports (tempered safety glass windows also available)
B Outside-mounted fluorescent illuminator
C Side clamps for linking multiple gloveboxes)
D Many gloves available, including one-piece neoprene (shown)
E Stainless steel air lock
F Powder-coated steel stand with leveling feet
  Options include nitrogen purge controller, automated RH, dew point and oxygen level controls, ionizing module, port caps, and nitrogen generator
  cleanliness high

  • Polycarbonate or Safety Glass front window allows full view of processing operations
  • Cutouts and sealed interfaces available for microscopes and other equipment
  • Multiple chambers can be cascaded together to allow pass-through operations

Series 600 Glovbox dimensions

Series 600 Glovbox dimensions
Stainless Steel glovebox (model 9670-05 shown; 58" high) with safety-glass viewing window and optional left-hand airlock.
Economical single wall glove box air lock with optional SDPVC viewing window Double wall glove box air lock with optional tempered glass viewing window
Single-Wall Air Locks
Features one-piece, nonadhesive gasket. Shown with optional SDPVC viewing window. 
Double-Wall Air Locks
Features polyurethane inlaid gasket for enhanced seals. Shown with optional tempered glass viewing window

To order choose the glove box an system options below

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Glove A
2 24

Polycarbonate Safety Glass
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Series 600 Glove Box, (39" H) 9670-00B $ 5,158 9670-01B $ 5,908
Series 600 Glove Box, (58" H) 9670-04 $ 8,760 9670-05 $ 10,045
W" x H" (mm)
Right Mount Left Mount
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
12 x 12 (305 x 305)
1685-94-600 $ 1,139 1685-96-600 $ 1,139
18 x 28 (457 x 711)
1694-45-600 $ 1,356 1694-46-600 $ 1,356
* Doors are included with selection of air lock above. For 220V models, add "-220" to the part number

Stainless Steel Painted Steel
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Series 600 Stand 9670-02 $ 1,588 9670-03 $ 728

Right-Mount Left-Mount
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Air Locks 1702-14C $ 2,644 1702-15C $ 2,644
ValuLine Single-Wall Air Locks for Series 600 Glove Box Isolators
12"W x 12"D x 12"H
(305 x 305 x 305 mm)
18"W x 18"D x 18"H
(457 x 457 x 457 mm)
Right Mount Left Mount Right Mount Left Mount
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1704-16 $ 1,701 1704-17 $ 1,701 1704-22 $ 2,437 1704-23 $ 2,437
Double-Wall Air Locks for Series 600 Glove Box Isolators
12"W x 14"D x 12"H
(305 x 356 x 305 mm)
12"W x 16"D x 12"H
(305 x 406 x 305 mm)
Right Mount Left Mount Right Mount Left Mount
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1702-14C $ 2,644 1702-15C $ 2,644 1681-95C $ 3,056 1681-96C $ 3,056
16"W x 16"D x 16"H
(406 x 406 x 406 mm)
12"W x 20"D x 16"H
(305 x 508 x 406 mm)**
Right Mount Left Mount Right Mount Left Mount
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1702-33C $ 4,060 1702-34C $ 4,060 1702-41C $ 3,462 1702-42C $ 3,462

Nitrogen generator Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators. 
Positive Pressure Isolation vs. Biohazard Containment Terra glove boxes are designed as positive-pressure isolation chambers that operate with a continuous inflow of process gas and include bleed valves to relieve overpressures. Unless specified, they are not designed as low-leak or air-tight containment chambers, nor should they be used with hazardous substances that require air-tight seals. In containment applications, a glove box should typically be operated under continuous negative pressure, via a ventilated duct, so that any small leaks do not contaminate the operator or the environment.

Now with all-304/316L 
stainless steel latches

to elminate scratching, corrosion and contamination common with plated hardware.
Standard system measures 37.5"W x 29"D (953 mm x 737 mm), 24"D (610 mm) at top, x 39"H (991 mm) and includes an externally mounted fluorescent illumiator and dual 10" (254 mm) glove ports for gloves (order gloves separately). Select desired front window material; remainder of glove box is 304 stainless steel. Includes a 120VAC/60Hz fluorescent illuminator (for 220VAC/50Hz operation, add "-220" to the catalog number). Call Terra for custom sizes and configurations.

A. Glove Port     B. Port Cover     C. Iris Adapter  
glove port glove ports glove port port cover glove port glove ports
10" (254mm)-diameter port is standard on all Terra gloveboxes. Order covers and iris adapter separately.
Complete Information
  Cat. # Price
A. Replacement Glove Port 1694-52 $ 316
B. Port Cover 1694-53 $ 251
C. Iris Port 1694-54 $ 390

Other Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories

Cat. # Price
Dual Purge System 9500-07 $ 2,962
NitroWatch 9500-06 $ 977
NitroWatch Sensor 9500-02A $ 684
Stainless Steel Automatic RB Valve
Required for operation with Dual Purge System
1606-60 $ 227
High-performance Vacuum Oven
See series 300 gloveboxes
Modular Vacuum Oven See series 300 gloveboxes

Changeable Sleeve and Glove Combination for glove box   Changeable Sleeve and Glove Combination
These accordion sleeves fit into the ports of Terra's atmospheric chambers for safe, easy handling of materials. They can be used with a variety of gloves, allowing you to change glove size or type without changing the sleeve itself. Supplied with one pair of nitrile industrial gloves (select desired size). Viton gloves available. Glove clamps included.
Changeable Sleeve and Glove Combination
Glove Size With 18" (457 mm) Sleeve
Cat. # Price
8 1689-46 $ 412
9 1689-47 $ 394
10 1689-48 $ 395

RH/Temperature Data Logger
RH/Temperature Data Logger
Provides a convenient record of storage conditions! Placed in a desiccator or glovebox, this compact device accumulates humidity and temperature data at specified intervals for hours, days, weeks, even months. USB connection lets you import and display data in several formats.
Cat. # Price
9500-10 $ 240

Ionizing Bar for Glove Boxes (installed)
Includes ionizing bar and 24VDC power supply along with one fan per emitter pair mounted to ensure uniform ion distribution throughout the glove box.
Glove Box IonBar™


110VAC, 50/60Hz 220VAC, 50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
22"L (559 mm)
with 4 emitters
2005-30 $ 1,031 2005-30-220 $ 1,031
33"L (838 mm)
with 6 emitters
2005-32 $ 1,164 2005-32-220 $ 1,164
44"L (1118 mm)
with 8 emitters
2005-31 $ 1,299 2005-31-220 $ 1,299

Static Control Ionizing Bar for Glove Boxes
Model shown: 2005-30

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Glove Box Isolators and Containment Chambers
Overview of Terra's complete line of clean room and laboratory glove boxes.
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Use Nitrogen?
A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.
Tech Resource (PDF) Glove Box 101: Here's What You Need to Know
Avoid costly mistakes commonly made during the specification of a glove box isolation or containment chamber. Selection tips here, plus a useful glossary.
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