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Select Plastic Glove Box—Positive or Negative Pressure
Series 100 Glove Boxes
Positive Pressure Glove Boxes
Series 100 Glove Boxes
  • Shields process from external environment
  • Designed for purge with nitrogen or other process gas
  • Vacuum and heating/cooling modules available
  • Five standard materials, including acrylic and static-dissipative PVC
Series 200 Glove Boxes
Vacuum and Ventilation Chambers
Series 200 Glove Boxes
  • Supports negative pressure to 5" WG
  • Pass-through vacuum chamber for processing to 29.9"Hg
  • Filter/fan units for fume ventilation
Glove Box Configuration Chart
For complete details on each configuration, click on the Series Number at the top of the chart

glovebox chart gloveboxchart series100 series200 Series300 Series400 series500 series600 series200
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