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Trace Gas Mixer™

  • Assures accurate gas mixtures, including the 90% nitrogen/10% helium mixture used in hybrid packaging
  • Regulates constant, correct flows
  • Aids in leak detection
  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable to most atmospheric chambers
Trace Gas Mixer
Typical application with NitroWatch®/DualPurge™ humidity controllers (not included)
This Trace Gas Mixer™ assures the accurate nitrogen/helium mixtures commonly required in the preparation of hybrid and other microelectronic component packages.

It is designed to operate in conjunction with resistance and seam welders in a dry-box environment or a vacuum leak detector. By backfilling a carefully regulated 10% helium mixture into each component package, the Trace Gas Mixer™ aids in subsequent leak detection and guarantees the integrity of your products. After sealing a package, you simply place it in a vacuum leak detector and check for helium traces.

Other gas mixers commonly regulate line pressure only, and resulting pressure differentials frequently cause back-ups that lead to imprecise gas mixtures and can damage equipment. Because this mixer regulates both line pressure and flow pressure, it assures that you get the precise mixture you bargained for. Its compact, lightweight design lets you easily adapt this unit to most operations in atmospheric chambers. No power required. Dimensions: 7"H x 12"W x 11.5"D (178 mm x 305 mm x 292 mm). Weight: 12 lbs. (5443 g.)

Trace Gas Mixer™
Flow Range (SCFH) Cat. # Price Flow Range (SCFH) Cat. # Price
2-20 and 2-20 2701-00 $ 1,172 5-50 and 5-50 2703-00 $ 1,213
2-20 and 5-50 2702-00 $ 1,192 5-50 and 10-100 2704-00 $ 1,173

Running a 90/10 N2/He Mix
For running a 90% nitrogen, 10% helium mixture, we recommend you use Terra Part #2702-00, with a 2-20 SCFH N2 flowmeter and a 5-50 SCFH N2 flowmeter. Terra does not supply flowmeters calibrated for helium. Rather, we supply a correction factor to adjust for the differences in specific gravity. To properly read helium in an N2 flowmeter, the N2 reading is multiplied by 2.65. For example, with the N2 flowmeter set at 2 SCFH, the volumetric flow rate of helium would be 5.3 SCFH. To create a 90/10 N2/He mix, connect your helium line to the 2-20 SCFH N2 flowmeter. Connect the nitrogen line to the 5-50 SCFH N2 flowmeter. Set the 2-20 SCFH N2 flowmeter to 2 SCFH. This corresponds to 5.3 SCFH of helium. Set the 5-50 SCFH N2 flowmeter to 45. This will give a proper 90/10 mixture. The error on the 10% mixture would be ± 1%. If more accuracy is required, call a Terra Sales Associate and ask about a custom trace gas mixer.

Correction Factor
The correction factor, K, is used to find the difference in reading a flowmeter using a different gas than the one it was calibrated for. The equation below shows the relationship between two volumetric flow rates and K. Q1 = KQ2
Where Q1 is the actual volumetric flow rate of the gas you’re measuring and Q2 is the volumetric flow rate that you read from the flowmeter. K is defined by the following equation.
K = Square root of SG2 over SG1
SG1 represents the specific gravity of the gas you’re measuring and SG2 is the specific gravity of the gas the flowmeter is calibrated to measure. These two simple equations can be used to correct for any difference between the flowmeter’s calibration gas and the gas you’re measuring.

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