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Waste Chutes, Feed-Throughs and Trap Doors

Bag-In/Bag-Out Port

Bag-in/bag-out ports protect operators and the internal glovebox environment throughout the waste removal process

Bag-In/Bag-Out ports can be installed on any of Terra's stainless steel gloveboxes and allow operators to safely remove contaminated materials from the chamber without breaching the glovebox environment or exposing the external environment to potential hazards. Waste bags are attached to the flange of this 9” (229 mm)-diameter stainless steel port using durable elastic bands (not provided by Terra).

The Bag-In/Bag-Out port features two grooves on the flange that help to maintain a seal while replacing the waste bag. The old bag should be removed by tightly twisting the bag near the outlet, tying off the twisted section in two places, and then cutting between the two ties.  This technique leaves a portion of the bag covering the outlet while the used waste bag is disposed of.  

Technicians will then slide the elastic band of the old bag to the outermost groove on the flange and wrap a new waste bag over the old one, using another elastic band to secure the new waste bag in the innermost groove. The old elastic band can then be rolled off of the flange by manipulating it through the new waste bag.

Bag-In/Bag-Out Port
  Cat. # Price
Bag-In Bag-Out Port 1694-43 $ 330
Bags: Package of ten 12-mil PVC bags 1694-44 $ 125

Waste Disposal Port

Easily retrofit your glovebox, cabinets, enclosures or walls using Terra's Convertible Glove Ports, which can be transformed into an economical waste chute.  The included stainless steel clamp can be used to attach trash bags or other type of sorting containers to the flange of the port.

Note: Not designed for use with hazardous materials!

Waste Disposal Port
Cat. # Price
1695-18 $ 321
Port Cover
10” waste disposal ports can be added to any cabinet or wall surface using Terra's Convertible Glove Ports

Data/Power Cable Feed-Through

Using Terra's Convertible Glove Port, inserts can be modified to provide integrated power and data connections within a sealed enclosure or other critical environment, based on a customer’s specific requirements.  Terra can attach virtually any commercially available connection hub, including standard power outlets, phone cable connections, USB 3.0 connections, and much more.

Cable Feed-Through Port
Cat. # Price
1695-17 $ 557
Iris ports
Add power and/or data connections by installing a Convertible Glove Port equipped with custom inserts

Cord Pass-Through

Mounted in lower rear corner (as shown).
Specify other desired location.

Cord Pass-Through
Cat. # Price
2900-70 $ 229
cord grip

Factory-Installed 4-Outlet Power Strip

Includes master on/off switch and resettable 15-amp circuit breaker. Installed along rear wall of glovebox.

Preinstalled 4-Outlet Power Strip
  Cat. # Price
120VAC, 50/60 HZ 1681-80 $ 196
Iris ports

Disposal Trap Door

Hinged door can be installed on any stainless steel glove box to allow easy disposal of waste or introduction/removal of small parts. Chrome-plated latch is easy to engage and forms an airtight seal. Standard location is next to air lock. Dimensions: 8" x 12" (203 mm x 305 mm)

Disposal Trap Door
Cat. # Price
1694-41 $ 528
Disposal Trap Door

Detachable Bottom for Plastic Glove Boxes

This feature allows the glove box to be detached from its bottom and lifted for easy placement over large equipment. The bottom attaches and seals to the glove box by means of dual-gasketed latches located along the base.

Detachable Bottom (Plastic Gloveboxes)
Cat. # Price
1681-55 $ 453
Detachable Bottom

Detachable Bottom for Stainless Steel Glove Boxes

Removable bottom panel allows Series 500 glove box to be lifted for easy placement over large equipment. Attaches and seals by means of two clamps.

Detachable Bottom (Stainless Steel)
  Cat. # Price
1219 mm Box
1702-50 $ 1,434
2438 mm Box
1702-51 $ 2,391
sloping bottoms

Sloping Bottom with Drainage Valve

Ideal for solvent cleaning and other chemical processing. A platform (either perforated stainless steel or wire grid) provides a level work surface. Chemical spills drain to a reservoir with a convenient drain valve (specify stainless steel, PTFE, polypropylene, or other valve material).

Please contact a Terra representative to discuss this custom option.


sloping bottoms

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