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Terra Part #PriceShips in
ABS Plastic9"Round 1694-51A $25420-26 Days2
ABS Plastic10"Round 1694-52 $3161-3 Days3
PVC6"Round 1672-15 $248.....4
PVC12"Round 1672-18 $317.....5
PVC8"Round 1672-16 $31025-31 Days6
PVC10"Round 1672-17 $2905-9 Days7
Polypropylene9"Round 1694-55 $2281-3 Days8
Polypropylene6"Round 1672-21 $3850-2 Days9
Polypropylene12"Round 1672-24 $4600-2 Days10
Polypropylene8"Oval 1672-27 $44425-31 Days11
Polypropylene8"Round 1672-22 $4530-2 Days12
Polypropylene10"Round 1672-23 $4530-2 Days13
Stainless Steel9"Oval 1672-10-2 $6381-3 Days14
Stainless Steel9"Round 1672-06-2 $5781-3 Days15
Stainless Steel12"Oval 1672-12-2 $8715-7 Days16
Stainless Steel12"Round 1672-08-2 $8131-3 Days17
Stainless Steel8"Round 1672-05-2 $4621-3 Days18
Stainless Steel10"Oval 1672-11-2 $7541-3 Days19
Stainless Steel10"Round 1672-07-2 $6951-3 Days20
Stainless Steel8.5"Round 1694-50 $3471-3 Days21
316L Stainless Steel10"Round 1694-47 $1,0640-2 Days22
ABS Plastic10"Round 1694-54 $3981-3 Days23
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• Glove ports accommodate a wide range of glove box gloves to allow manipulation of samples inside the enclosure Select plastic or stainless steel, in oval or round designs

• Elastomer gasket and retaining rings create a tight seal between glove port and glove box

• Unique 10”-diameter convertible ports accommodate iris port adapters or port covers, which seal glovebox when not in use or during glove replacement

• Iris port adapters and port covers include additional elastomer seals to provide a tight seal against convertible ports

• Easy to retrofit on existing Terra gloveboxes with appropriate cut-out

Unit of Measure: of 1

Glovebox Accessories

  • 10 10" Port Covers Installed to Glovebox Isolator
  • Glove Ports and Accordion Sleeves/Gloves Installed to Glovebox Isolator Glove Ports and Accordion Sleeves/Gloves Installed to Glovebox Isolator
  • 10 10" Iris Ports Installed to Glovebox Isolator
Glove Ports and Accordion Sleeves/Gloves Installed to Glovebox Isolator

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