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Stainless Steel8"Round 1672-05-2 69927 $7971-3 Days2
Only 7 left in stock
Stainless Steel8.5"Round 1694-50 8363 $5711-3 Days3
Clearance In stock
Stainless Steel9"Oval 1672-10-2 69932 $1,1021-3 Days4
Only 4 left in stock
Stainless Steel9"Round 1672-06-2 69929 $9981-3 Days5
In stock
Stainless Steel10"Oval 1672-11-2 69933 $1,3041-3 Days6
In stock
Stainless Steel10"Round 1672-07-2 69930 $1,2021-3 Days7
In stock
Stainless Steel12"Oval 1672-12-2 69934 $1,5055-7 Days8
Only 7 left in stock
Stainless Steel12"Round 1672-08-2 69931 $1,4041-3 Days9
Only 8 left in stock
316L Stainless Steel10"Round 1694-47 48428 $1,840.....10
ABS Plastic9"Round 1694-51A 41608 $29320-26 Days11
ABS Plastic10"Round 1694-52 44652 $3651-3 Days12
In stock
Polypropylene6"Round 1672-21 49417 $5910-2 Days13
Only 1 left in stock
Polypropylene8"Oval 1672-27 49421 $51225-31 Days14
Polypropylene8"Round 1672-22 49418 $6980-2 Days15
In stock soon
Polypropylene9"Round 1694-55 68694 $3501-3 Days16
In stock
Polypropylene10"Round 1672-23 49419 $6980-2 Days17
In stock
Polypropylene12"Round 1672-24 49420 $7080-2 Days18
Only 7 left in stock
PVC6"Round 1672-15 49413 $31525-31 Days19
PVC8"Round 1672-16 49414 $35825-31 Days20
PVC10"Round 1672-17 49415 $3705-9 Days21
PVC12"Round 1672-18 49416 $40325-31 Days22
ABS Plastic10"Round 1694-54 44654 $5851-3 Days23
Only 2 left in stock
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Product Details

  • Glove ports accommodate a wide range of glove box gloves to allow manipulation of samples inside the enclosure Select plastic or stainless steel, in oval or round designs
  • Elastomer gasket and retaining rings create a tight seal between glove port and glove box
  • Unique 10”-diameter convertible ports accommodate iris port adapters or port covers, which seal glovebox when not in use or during glove replacement
  • Iris port adapters and port covers include additional elastomer seals to provide a tight seal against convertible ports
  • Easy to retrofit on existing Terra gloveboxes with appropriate cut-out

Glovebox Accessories

  • 10 10" Iris Ports Installed to Glovebox Isolator
  • Glove Ports and Accordion Sleeves/Gloves Installed to Glovebox Isolator Glove Ports and Accordion Sleeves/Gloves Installed to Glovebox Isolator
  • 10 10" Port Covers Installed to Glovebox Isolator

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

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