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Modular Mezzanine Cleanrooms

Polypropylene and SDPVC cleanroom built on top of a room inside a warehouse.
Shown #6604-20 combination SDPVC and polypropylene with optional side stairs
Custom Modular Mezzanine Cleanrooms are durable and rigid controlled environments that can be built above an existing space inside a warehouse facility. This cleanroom can be outfitted with FFUs, ventilated and configured just like a standard hardwall cleanroom.
  • Choice of opaque white polypropylene walls with static-dissipative PVC windows or all-static-dissipative PVC 
  • Opaque white polypropylene walls offer privacy and resist a wide range of chemicals and can be easily cleaned with any sterilizing agent
  • SDPVC offers full visibility and helps control static charges generated by a laminar airflow
  • Options: Seismic Analysis (for compliance) and Stairs
Modular Mezzanine Cleanrooms are available in configurations to meet any space or ISO cleanliness requirement; contact Terra Universal to discuss your application.
Polypropylene or SDPVC Hardwall Mezzanine Cleanrooms
The Modular Mezzanine Cleanroom is an ideal solution for industries performing clean packaging, incoming quality assays and other manufacturing operations requiring convenient access to a cleanroom.
Desk and laptops inside a modular mezzanine cleanroom   Cleanroom with SDPVC window and polypropylene lower wall on top of an existing warehouse space
Interior Furnishings   SDPVC and Polypropylene Wall Panels
Wall-mounted desks and tabletops and lighting can be installed inside the mezzanine cleanroom for an efficient controlled environment   Panel walls are connected to an all-steel frame by mirror-finish trim strips.
Material Cat. # Price
SDPVC 6604-20 call TUI
Polypropylene and SDPVC 6604-21 call TUI
Quote does not include floor material.
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