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Accu-Seal 8000 Series
Validatable Vacuum Sealers

Accu-Seal's 8000 Series Validatable Vacuum Sealers for medical sealing
Accu-Seals 8000 Validatable Cleanroom Sealer
  • Ideal for cleanroom use with design that meets Class 100 standards
  • “Quick Release Vacuum System” for easy cleaning, sterilizing and maintenance
  • Full Digital PLC Controller with LCD Touchscreen
  • Non-Particle generating Venturi vacuum system
  • Isolated exhaust port
  • Visible and audible alarms for: cold seal temperature profile, jaw obstruction, seal temperature and pressure with adjustable high and low alarms
  • Standard gas purge
  • Safety features include: emergency stop, low pressure jaw close, thermal overload protection
  • High pressure seal jaws with guided cylinder
  • Electronic footswitch activator
  • Backed by two-year warranty
Accu-Seal 8000 Series Vacuum Sealers
Accu-Seal # Seal Length
inches (mm)
Cat. # Price
8508-B 8" (203) 4049-50 $ 14,500
8511-B 11" (279) 4049-51 $ 14,800
8516-B 16" (406) 4049-52 $ 15,300
Terra's Nitrogen Generators are a reliable
inert gas source for Vacuum Sealers.

The Model 8000 is ideal for cleanroom use with its unique “Quick Release Vacuum System” that simplifies cleaning, sterilizing and maintenance of the machine by allowing easy removal of the vacuum system and seal bar. Its 4X NEMA stainless steel enclosure has laser cut and welded seams for easy sanitizing and chemical resistance. Other cleanroom features include the Venturi Vacuum System that uses no moving parts and doesn’t generate any particles. An isolated exhaust port prevents contamination of the surrounding areas and the vacuum line is disposable from nozzle to filter.

The Model 8000 is 100% validatable and calibratable meeting ISO 11607 Standards. The fully digital PLC Controller features an LCD touch screen that provides password-protected control of all seal parameters including temperature, time and pressure. It also allows the user control over process recipes, alarm settings and calibration screens. External verification ports offer ease of calibration.

Several standard features safeguard personnel from injury including an emergency stop, internal high temperature limit and thermal overload protection. A low pressure jaw close eliminates possible injuries caused by pinching.

The new linear element tensioner has no exposed electrical connections, won’t allow binding and assures element tension under all pressure settings. The new design simplifies element replacement and extends element life.

Seal Lengths: 8" (203 mm), 11" (279 mm), 16" (406 mm)
Seal Widths: 1/4 (6 mm), 3/8 (10 mm)
Vacuum Pressure: Up to 26 in Hg Standard
Suction Flow: 1.3 SCFM (2.21 m³/hr)
Requirements: Power:120Vac, 16A
Air: 2 SCFM (3.4 m³/hr) @ 90 PSI
Case size: Width: 13.5" (343 mm)
Depth: 14.5" (368 mm)
Height: 19.5" (495 mm)
Removable plate: Seal length + 5.5" (140 mm)
Approximate Weight Total: 75 lbs. (34 kg)

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Brochure (PDF) 8000 Series Vacuum Sealer
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