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Ergonomic Sealing Machine Stand

Ergonomic Sealing Machine Stand
  • Eliminates stooping and bending during sealing operations to increase worker comfort and productivity
  • Fits any Accu-Seal Sealing Machine of the corresponding width
  • Allows operational Accu-Sealer to rotate 180° for optimal versatility

This modular stand creates a completely ergonomic sealing station that increases productivity and guards against operator injuries!

Rigid enough to support any of the Accu-Sealers on these pages, this stand is easy to adjust to accommodate operator heights and desired machine tilt. Includes casters for easy mobility.

Sealer Width Inches (mm) Accu-Seal Part # Cat. # Price
20 508)
816-0002 4052-09 Price
25 (635)
816-0003 4052-10 Price
30 (762)
816-0004 4052-11 Price
35 (889)
816-0005 4052-12 Price
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