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High-FrequencyNo18.9 L40 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-0512H-40khz-220V 3307-22-220 $7,34315-25 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L40 kHzYes600120 VPROT-0512H-40khz 3307-22 $7,34310-20 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal40 kHzYes100120 VPROT-2.506H-40khz 3307-21 $6,76125-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal40 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-2.506H-40khz-220V 3307-21-220 $6,76125-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo10 gal40 kHzYes2000240 VPROT-1018H-40khz-220 3307-23 $8,62625-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo25 L40 kHzYes3000240 VPROT-2524H+40-S2DG-24T-220-A 3307-24 $9,33225-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal72 kHzYes1000120 VPROT-2.506H-72khz 3307-25 $6,87625-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal72 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-2.506H-72khz-220 3307-25-220 $6,87625-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L72 kHzYes1000120 VPROT-5012H-72khz 3307-26 $7,45825-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L72 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-5012H-72khz-220 3307-26-220 $7,45825-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo10 gal72 kHzYes900240 VPROT-1018H-72khz-220 3307-27 $8,74025-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo25 L72 kHzYes3000240 VPROT-2524H-72khz-220 3307-28 $9,55925-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal104 kHzYes300240 VPROT-2.506H-104khz 3307-29 $7,10425-31 Days
IndustrialNo2.5 gal104 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-2.506H-104khz-220 3307-29-220 $7,10425-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L104 kHzYes1000120 VPROT-0512H-104khz 3307-30 $7,69225-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L104 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-0512H-104khz-220 3307-30-220 $7,69225-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo10 gal104 kHzYes2000240 VPROT-1018H-104khz-220 3307-31 $8,96625-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo25 L104 kHzYes3000240 VPROT-2524H-104khz-220 3307-32 $7,67425-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal40 kHz, 72 kHz, 104 kHzYes100120 VPROT-2.506H-multiSONIK 3307-36 $11,03525-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo2.5 gal104 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-2.506H-multiSONIK-220V 3307-36-220 $11,03525-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo18.9 L104 kHzYes1000240 VPROT-0512H-multiSONIK 3307-37 $11,13125-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo10 gal40 kHz, 72 kHz, 104 kHzYes2000240 VPROT-1018H-multiSONIK-220 3307-38 $11,84425-31 Days
High-FrequencyNo25 L40 kHz, 72 kHz, 104 kHzYes1200240 VPROT-2524H-multiSONIK-220 3307-39 $12,77325-31 Days
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• SweepSONIK2D™ Generators operate at 40, 72 or 104kHz

• Constantly varies the ultrasonic frequency (± 2kHz) to minimize cavitation damage

• MultiSONIK™ generator cycles through a preset sequence of frequencies (40, 72 and 104kHz)

• Self-diagnostic circuits indicate status of the ultrasonic generator

• 316L stainless steel process tanks

• Applications: semiconductors, microelectronic components, optics

• Large upper flange permits easy workbench mounting

• Front-mounted control knob and remote activation contact

• Includes a tank drain, a valve in stainless steel

• Optional work basket and lid

• High-efficiency piezoelectric transducers bonded to the bottom of the tank

• Optional PLC controller for programming/randomizing frequencies on the MultiSONIK™

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories

Ultrasonic Cleaning Accessories

We offer a wide line of cleaning accessories to make your cleaning job easier and faster. Exactly which accessories you need will depend on the cleaning method you use.

For Direct Cleaning you typically need only a perforated insert tray. This method involves pouring the cleaning fluid directly into the tank and then lowering items either in a perforated tray or suspended by a wire. The chief advantage of this method is its simplicity. It does, however, present several disadvantages: all removed soil remains in the tank; only one solution can be used at a time; and highly acidic or caustic solutions should not be used at all.

Indirect Cleaning solves these problems and provides more flexibility and control over the cleaning cycle. In this method, the tank is filled with a liquid driving medium, such as water, plus a wetting agent (detergent) to improve circulation. Cleaning solutions are poured into one or more beakers or solid insert trays, where parts can then be placed. The beakers fit into a beaker positioning cover which suspends them in the tank. If a solid tray is being used, its handles should fit over the edges of the unit and suspend it in the tank.

This method ensures that removed soil stays in the beaker or tray; it can be easily examined, filtered, or discarded. Indirect cleaning also lets you use one or more solutions at the same time. In a large cleaner, which features inserts for three beakers, one beaker might contain a rinse solution and the other two beakers could contain two different types of cleaning solutions. Whichever method you employ, optimal cleaning occurs in the area of the tank between 1/2" from the top and 1/2" from the bottom. Therefore, parts should not be placed directly on the bottom.

Note: Be sure to maintain a fluid level between 1/2" and 1" from the top of the tank or the unit could be damaged.

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