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Hospital Physician Office Lab Equipment

Healthcare laboratories process biological samples and report analytical results. In many instances, physicians and nurses are waiting to make diagnostic or treatment decisions until results are reported, creating a critical turnaround-time factor. Hospitals, by default, have labs on the premises, but not all clinics or physician offices are large enough or have the budget to bring lab equipment in-house. Specialty practices that treat patients with fluctuating medication levels, such as an oncology practice, are more likely to have equipment on-site to monitor patient treatment response. Samples processed in a medical facility lab include urine, blood, plasma, serum and tissue. Technicians are trained to operate and maintain the instruments; depending on throughput, there could be multiple shifts. Sterility is essential since many samples are infectious, therefore considered hazardous. Accurate accessioning and safe handling are part of the regulatory requirements of the lab, and storage in temperature-controlled chambers allows retesting or transport to other facilities. Proper disposal of waste prevents exposure to disease or toxins. The ability to process samples on-site speeds up medical diagnoses and can be more cost-efficient. The products featured here were selected to help your purchasing efforts: organize the workflow with tables, clean benches and transfer carts; maintain safety with a Terra hand washer/dryer, eye wash station and medical waste container; perform necessary sample preparation and testing using centrifuges, hotplates and microplate handling instruments.
Hospital Physician Office Lab Equipment
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