Chemical Storage

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    Design: Floor Cabinet, Wall Mount
    Material: Double-Walled Steel
    Capacity: 30 gal, 45 gal, 60 gal, 20 gal, 17 gal
    Door Style: Manual Double Door, Self-Closing Double Door, Self-Closing Sliding Door
    Shelves: 1 Shelf, 2 Shelves, 3 Shelves
    Color Code: Yellow
    Model: Sure-Grip Ex
    Release Fitting: Stainless Steel
    Manufacturer SKU: 893000, 893020, 894500, 894520, 896000, 896020, 893080, 894580, 893400, 8917008
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1 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Chemical Safety Shower

Enclosed safety shower combines easy, reliable operation with a fully enclosed design that enhances safety both inside and outside the shower area. Immediate-response operation handles trigger full-body and eye wash; polypropylene shell resists most laboratory acids and corrosives.

Countertop Chemical Storage

Benchtop Polyethylene Acid Storage Cabinets resist acids and corrosives. Doors hinge from either side. Removable polyethylene spill tray contains leaks.

Justrite Mini Safety Cabinets

Justrite Mini Safety Cabinet is ideal for manufacturing facilities, movie sets, amusement parks, hotels or any business using small quantities of flammables for cleaning and/or maintenance.

Justrite Deep Slimline Safety Cabinets

Sure-Grip® Deep Slimline Safety Cabinets provide mandatory 3-point self-closing latch and concealed self-close mechanism for fire protection, in compliance with OSA/HFPA standards for flammable material storage.

ISO 5 UV Sterilization Cabinet with HEPA Filtration

Ultra-violet germicidal lamp effectively sterilizes stored materials. The HEPA filtration system on top creates a clean, positive-pressure enclosure to help both dry items inside and prevent contaminated air from entering the cabinet.

Justrite Cabinet VaporTrap Filter

VaporTrap™ Filter with activated carbon, available as an accessory for Justrite chemical storage cabinets, reduces harmful inhalation exposure to VOC vapors by lowering emissions.

Justrite OSHA/NFPA-compliant Haz-Alert Warning Label

High visibility Haz-Alert warning label, printed in English, Spanish and French, are OSHA/NFPA-compliant and FM approved for visibility in dark or under fire conditions. Sizes to fit all Justrite cabinets.

Justrite Safety Cabinet Pass Through Valve

One-way stainless steel valves pass solvents through cabinet wall. Unique system allows liquid pumping into and/or out of cabinet without human hand transfer.

Safety Containers; 2 Gallon, Disposable, Stainless Steel Fittings Inlet/Release Valves

Polyethylene Centura Safety Cans provide safe containment of liquid waste in HPLC operations; select stainless steel or polypropylene inlet/release valves to suit your chemical application.

Chemical Storage

  • Blue Wood Laminate Countertop Chemical Storage Cabinet Blue Wood Laminate Storage Cabinet Countertop
  • Justrite Undercounter Flammable Safety Cabinet Justrite Undercounter Flammable Safety Cabinet
  • UV Sterilization cabinet with HEPA filtration and mirrored interior ISO 5 UV Sterilization Cabinet with HEPA Filtration

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