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Position Description

Database Developers 4-D (Fourth Dimension)
To expand its 4D-based enterprise system, Terra is seeking several experienced 4D developers for its IT group located in Orange County, California. Terra is a light manufacturer for high-tech industries with a 35-year history of stability. 4D developers are supported by a strong network management/client support team and a high-level system with full fail-safe systems and essentially no hardware constraints.

In addition to these full-time employed positions on-site in Fullerton, California, Terra has contract projects available for developers located off-site.

4D experience is a requirement for these positions.

Position Overview:
4D developers assess users' needs, design approaches to meet those needs, prepare project plans to implement the requirements and then execute approved plans. All development meets interface and structure standards consistently applied across Terra's enterprise system.

To Apply or Express Interest:
If the job and background requirements fit your interests, skills and experience, please send an e-mail cover letter with "4D Developer" in the subject line and an attached résumé to

The Current and Future 4-D Application:

The system supports all aspects of Terra's business: client prospecting, e-mail campaigns, client development, proposal generation and tracking, follow-up tracking (CRM), order entry, shop work orders, shop labor tracking, vendor development, material requisitioning, PO creation and tracking, receiving, product and material records, inventory control, costing and valuing, inventory draws, material use tracking, freight carrier development, shipment creation and tracking, vouchering, disbursing, invoicing, billing, receivables, general ledger.

Among pending projects are integrating a bill of materials system, converting existing product descriptions to HTML, instituting an iPad or other tablet-based shop floor system incorporating engineering drawings and job tracking.

General Job Duties:
  • Become fully familiar with the structure, business rules and interface used in the current system.
  • Code, debug and install fixes and new features.
  • Interview users (all users are in-house) to fully understand their needs.
  • Stay aware of 4D capabilities to suggest applications that Terra's operating staff do not see but that meet Terra's clients’ needs or improve efficiency (such as installing shop control systems on tablets).
  • Design system changes to meet users’ needs, prepare project statements outlining approach, timelines and costs to meet new needs or fix bugs.
  • Prepare system change proposals, gain approval and implement the changes.
  • Coordinate with and assist network and client-side staff as needed.

Compensation and Benefits:

Terra offers competitive compensation and a fast-paced work environment. Professional growth is expected and a benefit for IT staff. Other benefits include stable, full-time employment in Orange County, Southern California, vacation, sick leave and related benefits, and medical coverage.

Terra Universal is the leading US manufacturer of critical environment equipment with a diversified product line including cleanrooms, desiccators, hoods, gloveboxes and similar hardware for a wide range of industries and is wholly owned by a single individual who is actively involved in the business. Terra's web sites illustrate its products and business:

Terra's diversified customer base includes bio-tech research and manufacturing firms, semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processors, aerospace, universities and government entities. Terra manufactures its significant products. Some 30% of sales are outside the US, notably Canada, Mexico and Europe. No single customer provides more than 4% of sales and no product line more than 13% of sales. Terra operates in a 175,000 square foot complex that it owns in Fullerton, California.

Required Experience:
  • Full competence using 4D later versions (say, V12+)
    • 4D experience and competence is required.
    • Experience with other db systems is not a substitute.
  • Four – six years’ experience as a 4D developer working in a business environment
  • Four year technical degree or equivalent
  • Experience with common business processes in a manufacturing/distribution environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving abilities
  • Basic skills with Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook. 4D is run under Windows
  • Must have right to work in the U.S

Terra conducts pre-employment background checks, brief medical checks and drug tests and does not hire people who smoke. Subsequent drug screenings may be conducted. Terra does not pay relocation costs or agency fees of any kind.

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