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Custom Lab Flooring
by OnePointe Solutions

Custom flooring solutions can be cost-efficient and it can maximize your overall lab or cleanroom environment. Ergonomic flooring will help maximize your staff’s productivity, lessen their fatigue and prevent accidental slips and falls. OnePointe Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you choose the most appropriate flooring material such as linoleum, vinyl, or PVC. 
  • Requires no moisture testing
  • Installed regardless of moisture
  • Cost-effective and ergonomic lab flooring
  • Five-Year Manufacturer Warranty (might vary; specific warranty will be assigned to the fullest extent allowed)
  • Call 714-578-6100 for a free quote and further details

OnePointe Solutions Study of Ergonomic Lab Flooring

A study conducted by OnePointe Solutions compared four popular floor coverings and tested them under the same conditions. The purpose of the study (see PDF at bottom of page) was to determine how human fatigue was influenced through prolonged standing or walking on different flooring sources as measured by the Ground Reaction Force (GRF). The test used “state-of-the-art” pressure mapping that measured the return force imparted on the bare foot via the floor covering. The average GRF calculated per entire cycle of walking (50 cycles). This study enabled OnePointe Solutions to assist customers make informed decisions when considering the most cost-effective, safest and most ergonomic lab and/or cleanroom flooring to serve the needs of their lab environment.

Color Chart for Custom Lab Flooring

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Tell us about your project. Call 714-578-6100 or click on the chat icon and speak with a Product Specialist about ordering custom flooring for your lab or cleanroom space.

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