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Custom Laboratory Casework
by Genie Scientific

cusrtom casework

With innovative engineering and precise workmanship, Genie Scientific manufactures cost-efficient, reliable and aesthetically appealing custom casework solutions that maintain the non-contaminated integrity of educational and research laboratories. The Genie team will work with you from concept to completion of your project.

Available Custom Casework

Contact Terra at (714) 578-6100 for more information about custom laboratory casework, or chat with an online Product Specialist.

Steel Laboratory Cabinets
Genie’s line of custom steel lab grade cabinets can be constructed in any size, color and configuration of your choice. They can be coordinated with standard or custom benchtop fume hoods and shelving systems. From material and size to the number of doors and drawers, Genie will build lab grade steel cabinets according to your specifications. Models are available in powder-coated steel (for a smooth finish) or heavy-duty 18-gauge cold rolled steel to handle heavy loads. Larger units can be designed and floor mounted in double and single upright configurations to custom fit your lab space.Steel laboratory cabinets have a welded tube for minimal maintenance.

Cabinet Type Cabinet Features
Base Cabinets Removable back panels
Wall Cabinets Five-knuckle stainless steel door hinges
Tall Floor Mount Cabinets Heavy duty full-extension ball
Flammable and Corrosive Storage Perforated
Door Options
Sliding Frameless Glass
Sliding Frame Glass
Hinged Framed Glass
Hinged Solid Doors
Sliding Solid

Workstations and Laboratory Tables
Customizing your workstations and lab tables can help create a more functional lab and also coordinate with your existing standard or custom fume hood(s). Genie Scientific custom workstations and lab tables have welded joints and are made from heavy gauge tube. Lab tables can be designed with many options such as adjustable legs, non-marring feet, casters, adjustable shelving, hanging cabinets, lights, plugs strips and more.

Laboratory Counter Tops: Trespa TopLab, ESD and other brands.

All workstations and laboratory tables are designed and built according to your specifications. Contact a product expert for additional details about materials and sizes.

Laboratory Shelving Systems
Whether you have an existing lab or furnishing a new lab build-up, sturdy well-constructed shelving systems will keep your laboratory organized and assist in maintaining a productive and efficient workflow. Genie Scientific shelving systems, with or without seismic lips, are fabricated with steel, plastic laminate and wood. Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Standard and Brackets save floor space while Deck Mounted Steel Shelving in double and single upright configurations provide easy access to samples, tools and equipment. A product expert can help you determine which shelving system will work best for your lab space.

Countertops and Accessories
Laboratory grade custom countertops and accessories are available in a variety of material and color choices. Custom designed countertops can be configured with your existing or custom-made lab grade cabinets and shelving systems. For more details, chat with an online product specialist by clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of the page.

Lab Grade Work Surfaces
Trespa TopLab Solid, sturdy, non-reactive and low maintenance materials in a variety of scratch, wear, moisture and mold resistant options; standard grade and Fire-Retardant grade (FR) available
Epoxy Resin Chemical resistant, non-reactive, non-flammable and withstands high heat, non-absorbent; strong and durable material ideal for high traffic laboratories
Stainless Steel Corrosion resistant and durable material
Lab Grade Laminates Chemical and stain resistant surface
ESD Laminates Anti-static

Lab Sinks – Epoxy, Stainless Steel, Polyolefin
Lab Faucets
Service Fixtures
Safety Showers
Eye Wash Stations
Reagent Racks
Pegboards/Drying Racks
Balance Tables

Color Chart

Below is a sample color chart. Call (714) 578-6100 and speak to one of our product experts for more information about additional color choices.

color chart

The Stages of Customizing Laboratory Casework

  • Planning: Speak to one of our product experts about dimensions, materials and configurations for your casework. You can maximize the use of your lab space by coordinating cabinets, shelves, countertops and workstations to increase work space efficiency.
  • Engineering & Drafting: Designers and engineers will provide an AutoCAD drawing of your casework project for your review.
  • Manufacturing: Once the drawing is approved, the building of your casework begins. You will be given a projected time of delivery. A project manager will oversee every step of your project's building process to ensure timeliness and quality control.
  • Installation: Your customized order will be delivered with care and installed by experienced professionals.

Why Choose to Customize Laboratory Casework?
When "standard sizes and options for casework" are not able to fit your needs, then customizing allows you to have the exact size, material and added configurations that will maximize your laboratory space and work process. Contact Terra today at 714-578-6100 for more information about custom laboratory casework.

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