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Adjustable Tote Cart

Adjustable Tote Cart
Adjustable Tote Cart shown with additional slides (2080-52)
and seven divider boxes (6300-08, order separately).
  • Ideal system for storing and transporting divider boxes
  • Telescoping frames allow proper adjustment of slides
  • Casters available in resilient rubber or polyurethane
  • Additional slides available

This Adjustable-Tote-Cart is perfect for storing and transporting divider boxes. Telescoping frames allow for proper adjustment of slides, providing a safe and secure capture of totes. Each chrome-plated cart includes your choice of polyurethane or resilient rubber locking casters and three sets of slides which can be located at any area along the 63" (1600 mm) post.

Additional slides are available (see ordering chart).

Adjustable Tote Cart (Includes 3 sets of slides)
W" x L" x H"
Casters Approx Package
lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
26 x 29.4 x 68
(660 x 747 x 1727)
Resilient 54
1 2080-50 $ 372
26 x 29.4 x 68
(660 x 747 x 1727)
Polyurethane 54
1 2080-51 $ 410
(Catalog number is for one slide only. Two slides are required per tote
and are supplied in a carton of 6 slides)

Cat. # Price
Blue ESD Tote Box 6300-08 $ 52
Black ESD Tote Box 6300-32 $ 52
Additional Slides (each)
Two are required per tote box.
2080-52 $ 12
End Stops (6 pieces) 2080-53 $ 4

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Tote Box Carriers/PT Trucks
Product specifications sheet for tote carts.
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