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Cleanroom Service Cart

Cleanroom Service Cart
Standard design (top left) can be modified to hold special equipment.

Terra’s Cleanroom Service Cart features a stainless steel frame with polypropylene shelves for easy cleaning. Its versatile design accommodates tanks, cylinders, drawers, reservoirs and other bulky items, solving awkward service or transfer challenges in a cleanroom environment.

  • 304 stainless steel support frame is easy to clean and sterilize
  • Polypropylene shelves resist acid and other chemicals, easily adapt to bulky service or process equipment
  • Handles can be adjusted outward or upward
  • Includes 4" stainless steel casters with phenolic wheels
  • Choose among five standard sizes or give us your custom requirements

Ordering Information: Select one of the standard sizes below. Call or submit a QuoteCart (by clicking a price below) for pricing on any model adapted to hold special equipment, or for custom sizes.

Cleanroom Service Cart
Nominal Dimensions* (w/ casters; handles positioned outward)
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Cat. # Price
24 x 18 x 38 (610 x 457 x 965) 3401-35 $ 1,048
30 x 18 x 38 (762 x 457 x 965) 3401-36 $ 1,144
36 x 18 x 38 (914 x 457 x 965) 3401-37 $ 1,376
36 x 21 x 38 (914 x 533 x 965) 3401-38 $ 1,278
36 x 24 x 38 (914 x 610 x 965) 3401-39 $ 1,365
* Standard shelf mounting: 9" (229 mm) and 35" (889 mm) above floor. Specify other desired heights.

Let Terra configure a cart to your requirements:

  • Gas cylinders: standard sizes from 22 – 122 cu. ft.
  • Tanks and reservoirs: Use Terra’s cart to dispense or collect fluids – polypropylene shelves resist acids and most other chemicals
  • Drawer units: add pull-out drawers for tools and other small parts
  • Other containers: You specify the container or part size; we’ll prepare the cut out to ensure safe, secure mounting

Give us your transfer component weight and dimensions – we’ll do the rest!

Terra Service Cart  helves   Removable shelf inserts make it easy to reconfigure or clean and sterilize your cart.
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